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Siem Reap 686  hotels
Phnom Penh 468  hotels
Sihanoukville 158  hotels
Kampot 143  hotels
Kep 66  hotels
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Koh Rong Island 62  hotels
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Kâmpóng Khleăng 1  hotel
Kâmpóng Roŭ 1  hotel
Koh Kong Island 1  hotel

Hotels in Cambodia

Phnom Penh
Hotels in Phnom Penh
468 properties
Recommended Hotels:
26 Old August Site, Sothearos Boulevard, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Chamkar Mon
TripAdvisor Reviews: 1802
92 Rukha Vithei Daun Penh, Daun Penh
TripAdvisor Reviews: 2340
Hotels in Sihanoukville
158 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Unnamed Road Prey Praseth Village, Ou Bak Rothed Commune, Kampong Seila District,
Street 2 Thnou, Sangkat 4, Khan Mittapheap
TripAdvisor Reviews: 1783
Siem Reap
Hotels in Siem Reap
686 properties
Siem Reap is a city of auto rickshaws with countless hotels, and without even a hint on public transport. This Cambodian town is a picturesque and mind-blowing resort. Besides having a highly developed tourist infrastructure.
Recommended Hotels:
Salakomreuk Village Commune, Wat Damnak Area
TripAdvisor Reviews: 28

Popular attractions in Cambodia

Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia is also called the “inner sea” of this country. However, its size is really changeable. Its area is about 2700 square kilometers. Only during the rain season it floods and covers all the neighborhoods, inundating the local fields, meadows, and forests…
For a long time, Cambodia has been attracting tourists with a wide range of attractions. The Terrace of the Elephants is one of such destinations. It was created in ancient times, at the end of the XIII century. This beautiful place is a real masterpiece which still impresses travelers all over the world.
Siem Reap’s attractions literally excite the tourists’ imagination, surprise them and astonish! Without doubts, the main landmark of this area is the temple complex Angkor where the central spot is given to the Bayon Temple. It is located in the very heart of Angkor Thom.
Temples in Angkor which were erected many centuries ago amaze not only the travelers and tourists but even the archeologists and historians. The temples are enormous in their sizes and are one of the main attractions in Cambodia today.
If many countries attract tourists with their white sandy beaches and the Sun, there are places which tempt travelers to explore local attractions. Cambodia is one of them. Temples of Angkor are a real masterpiece of ancient architectural art.