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Cairo 400  hotels
Hurghada 293  hotels
Sharm El Sheikh 171  hotels
Alexandria 119  hotels
Luxor 106  hotels
Ain Sokhna 96  hotels
Dahab 61  hotels
Aswan 52  hotels
El Alamein 52  hotels
Marsa Matruh 28  hotels
Nuweiba 21  hotels
6th Of October 17  hotels
Marsa Alam City 17  hotels
Quseir 15  hotels
Abu Dabab 13  hotels
El Gouna 13  hotels
Taba 10  hotels
Coraya Bay 9  hotels
Ras Sedr 8  hotels
Bawati 7  hotels
Siwa 7  hotels
Suez 7  hotels
Abu Simbel 5  hotels
Borg El Arab 5  hotels
Port Said 5  hotels
Safaga 5  hotels
King Mariout 5  hotels
Port Ghalib 5  hotels
Asyut 4  hotels
Kafr Abū ʼumaydah 4  hotels
Nazlat as Sammān 4  hotels
Fayed 3  hotels
Fayoum 3  hotels
Ismailia 3  hotels
‘Izbat an Nāmūs 3  hotels
Al Minya 3  hotels
Ash Shaţţ 3  hotels
Az Za‘farānah 3  hotels
Makadi Bay 3  hotels
Abū Ghuşūn 2  hotels
Naj‘ Suhayl Gharb 2  hotels
Ras El Bar 2  hotels
Raʼs Matarma 2  hotels
Sidi Krir 2  hotels
Al Khārijah 1  hotel
El Arish 1  hotel
Shakshuk 1  hotel
Abū Sulţān 1  hotel
Mājid Abū Zayd 1  hotel
Ţanţā 2  hotels
Saint Catherine 3  hotels
Beni Suef 1  hotel
El `Agûza 1  hotel
El-Dimirdâsh 1  hotel
Qaryat Shākūsh 1  hotel
Abydos 1  hotel
El-Basâtîn 1  hotel
Maydūm 1  hotel
Qadd el-Barûd 1  hotel
Al Marīs 1  hotel
Marsa Alam 1  hotel
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Hotels in Hurghada
293 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Oberoi 117, Sahl Hasheesh
TripAdvisor Reviews: 1773
Sahl Hasheesh Road
TripAdvisor Reviews: 1557
Hotels in Cairo
400 properties
Recommended Hotels:
1089 Corniche El Nil - Garden City, Garden City
TripAdvisor Reviews: 1416
1113 Corniche El Nil
TripAdvisor Reviews: 777

Popular attractions in Egypt

Abdeen Palace is a museum complex in the capital of Egypt, Cairo. The building of the palace was completed in 1874. One of the richest palaces in the world is an official residence of the Egypt government.
The main adornment of Cairo is Citadel. The enceinte was built in the 12th century by the order of Sultan Saladin. The heart of the Citadel of Cairo is the Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali that was built much later after the fortress construction.
Old Cairo is a historic part of the city that is located in the south part of the capital of Egypt. On the territory, there are various ancient buildings and constructions. When Egypt was ruled by the powerful pharaohs, this place had the name of Babylon Fortress.
The Pyramid of Cheops is the only one wonder of the Ancient World out of seven, which survived to this date. Egyptians call it the Pyramid of Khufu unlike the rest of the world that uses the Greek pronunciation of the pharaoh’s name.