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The modern Opéra Nouvel in Lyon was named after the architect Jean Nouvel who projected the building. It is run by the state company called “Opéra National de Lyon”. The theatre is one of the brightest and most popular attractions in France.
The modern city of Lyon is the center of the textile industry in France. This town has its unique inimitable charm. Only in Lyon, you can try the most exquisite and refined cuisine in France. There are more restaurants per square meter in the Old Town than in any other European city.
Lyon Cathedral is located a few steps from Pont Bonaparte. It raises nobly above the bank of the Saone River, in the Old Town. The outline of the building which resembles a gloomy fairy tale palace perfectly fits in the narrow Medieval streets of this district.
A marvelous church built in the combination of neo-Gothic and neo-Byzantine styles raises monumentally over Lyon. It is a popular attraction not only in the city but in France as well. The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière was erected basing on the project of the architect...
The Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls is the main attraction in Lyon. It is located in the ancient arrondissement of the city and was built in the I century AD. The emperor of that time, Tiberius believed that the capital of the Three Gauls, the city of Lugdunum must have its amphitheater.