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Wong Tai Sin Temple is an extremely popular and fascinating attraction in China, and also one of the most cult places in Hong Kong. This huge rich temple practices and preaches three religions at a time: Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucianism.
Tourists adore Victoria Peak! It’s one of the most frequently visited attractions in Hong Kong. Annually, over 6 million people visit this place to admire the breathtaking views from the hill which locals call simply “the Peak”.
One of the most recognizable sites in Hong Kong is a Symphony of Lights. It’s a truly impressive spectacle which amazes with its size and brilliance. It’s considered that if during your visit to Hong Kong you have not seen the Symphony of Lights.
The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is an excellent place to take a memorable picture and admire a stunning view of the Chinese skyscrapers. There’s hardly a person who has seen this attraction in China and has felt indifferent.
Disneyland appeared in Hong Kong on September 12, 2005. This fantastic place is located on Lantau Island, on the droughty lands of the harbor called Penny’s Bay. Hong Kong International Airport is located not far from Disneyland.