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One of the most significant attractions in Macau is definitely the Macau Tower which offers a marvelous panoramic view of the peninsula. The construction is 340 meters in height. Owing to this you can observe the territories which spread for several kilometers.
Macau Fisherman's Wharf is a popular place with a huge territory. It comprises several popular hotels in Macau, restaurants, conference halls and various entertaining facilities. One of the peculiarities of the complex is a free entrance.
There one particularly fascinating place among all the attractions in Macau. This is the Macau Wine Museum. Its halls will introduce you not only to the history of this beverage but also to the detailed process of its production - from the fermentation to filling up the bottles.
In the Southern part of Macau, hides the A-Ma Temple (Ma Kok Miu). It’s one of the most ancient and popular attractions in China which was built in honor of the Buddhist and Taoistic goddesses. According to one of the legends, more than 500 years ago...
If you have a chance to enjoy a vacation on a picturesque Macau Peninsula, don’t miss an opportunity to visit an incredible place - the Maritime Museum. It is situated at the renowned Barra Hill and was founded back in 1553.