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Playa del Carmen 1564  hotels
Mexico City 790  hotels
Cancún 566  hotels
Puerto Peñasco 513  hotels
Tulum 404  hotels
Puerto Vallarta 387  hotels
Cabo San Lucas 347  hotels
Guadalajara 289  hotels
San Miguel de Allende 273  hotels
Oaxaca City 219  hotels
Mérida 212  hotels
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San Cristóbal de L... 198  hotels
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Akumal 116  hotels
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Holbox Island 104  hotels
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Bacalar 95  hotels
Tijuana 95  hotels
Morelia 94  hotels
Tepoztlán 93  hotels
Valladolid 93  hotels
Cozumel 92  hotels
Bucerías 91  hotels
Sayulita 91  hotels
Ensenada 86  hotels
Zihuatanejo 81  hotels
Santa Cruz Huatulco 77  hotels
León 75  hotels
Nuevo Vallarta 73  hotels
Aguascalientes 69  hotels
Valle de Bravo 67  hotels
San Luis Potosí 66  hotels
Tuxtla Gutiérrez 66  hotels
San Carlos 65  hotels
Ixtapa 63  hotels
Puerto Aventuras 60  hotels
Xalapa 60  hotels
Manzanillo 56  hotels
Campeche 55  hotels
Palenque 53  hotels
Cruz de Huanacaxtle 48  hotels
El Bedito 46  hotels
Mazamitla 38  hotels
Tequisquiapan 46  hotels
Punta Mita 42  hotels
Progreso 21  hotels
Bernal 49  hotels
Ciudad Valles 40  hotels
Chihuahua 50  hotels
Villahermosa 52  hotels
Rosarito 33  hotels
Zacatlán 38  hotels
Loreto 47  hotels
Chetumal 36  hotels
San Francisco 22  hotels
Zacatecas 46  hotels
Pátzcuaro 38  hotels
Toluca 42  hotels
Chicxulub 8  hotels
San Juan de los Lagos 33  hotels
Mahahual 35  hotels
Ciudad Juárez 32  hotels
El Pueblito 41  hotels
Taxco de Alarcón 32  hotels
Xilitla 21  hotels
Cholula 34  hotels
Valle de Guadalupe 31  hotels
Todos Santos 22  hotels
Culiacán 34  hotels
San Juan Teotihuacán 23  hotels
Ciudad del Carmen 29  hotels
Celaya 26  hotels
Creel 22  hotels
Puerto Morelos 20  hotels
Tampico 30  hotels
Torreón 31  hotels
Huasca de Ocampo 29  hotels
Hermosillo 28  hotels
Zipolite 28  hotels
Mazunte 18  hotels
Tapalpa 22  hotels
Colima 29  hotels
Saltillo 25  hotels
Irapuato 27  hotels
Atlixco 20  hotels
Mexicali 26  hotels
Durango 22  hotels
Rincon de Guayabitos 22  hotels
Careyes 28  hotels
Chignahuapan 19  hotels
Ajijic 18  hotels
Tequesquitengo 17  hotels
Oaxtepec 13  hotels
Malinalco 21  hotels
Pachuca de Soto 20  hotels
Coatzacoalcos 23  hotels
Los Mochis 19  hotels
Xochitepec 13  hotels
Poza Rica de Hidalgo 24  hotels
El Cuyo 10  hotels
Córdoba 24  hotels
Barra de Navidad 16  hotels
Uruapan del Progreso 16  hotels
Tlaxcala de Xicoht... 16  hotels
Catemaco 14  hotels
Boca del Río 11  hotels
Lo de Marcos 6  hotels
Orizaba 19  hotels
Tapachula 19  hotels
Tepic 19  hotels
Tangolunda 18  hotels
Cuautla Morelos 17  hotels
San Patricio Melaque 16  hotels
Puerto Ángel 12  hotels
Izamal 17  hotels
Monclova 18  hotels
Mezcales 14  hotels
La Florida 1  hotel
Silao 18  hotels
Mineral del Monte 15  hotels
Tamasopo 9  hotels
Ciudad Obregón 17  hotels
Xpu Ha 12  hotels
Río Lagartos 12  hotels
Troncones 12  hotels
Tecolutla 11  hotels
Yautepec 10  hotels
El Tule 19  hotels
San Agustinillo 14  hotels
Tula de Allende 14  hotels
Tehuacán 12  hotels
Tlayacapan 9  hotels
Zapopan 5  hotels
San Benito 1  hotel
Salamanca 16  hotels
San Juan Bautista ... 12  hotels
Ciudad Victoria 14  hotels
Coatepec 12  hotels
Paraíso 12  hotels
San Juan del Río 12  hotels
Las Conchas 12  hotels
Chichén-Itzá 11  hotels
Dolores Hidalgo 11  hotels
Lagos de Moreno 11  hotels
San Blas 11  hotels
Tepotzotlán 11  hotels
Jiutepec 11  hotels
Matamoros 10  hotels
Reynosa 10  hotels
Zamora de Hidalgo 10  hotels
Celestún 10  hotels
Chachalacas 9  hotels
Ixtapan de la Sal 9  hotels
Lázaro Cárdenas 9  hotels
Monte Gordo 9  hotels
Real de Catorce 9  hotels
Chacala 8  hotels
Ciudad Madero 8  hotels
Los Ayala 8  hotels
Nuevo Laredo 8  hotels

Hotels in Mexico

Oaxaca City
Hotels in Oaxaca City
219 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Garcia Vigil, 805
TripAdvisor Reviews: 245
Garcia Vigil, 407
TripAdvisor Reviews: 292
San Cristóbal de Las Casas
Hotels in San Cristóbal de Las Casas
198 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Avenida 5 de Mayo 38
TripAdvisor Reviews: 374
Calle Presidente Carranza 14-A, Col Revolución
TripAdvisor Reviews: 80
Hotels in Palenque
53 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Carretera Federal Palenque Ruinas Km 2.2
TripAdvisor Reviews: 364
Carretera Palenque Ruinas km 2.9
TripAdvisor Reviews: 618

Popular attractions in Mexico

Christianity is the main religion in Mexico. The overwhelming majority of the population is Catholic (over 90%). Therefore, the magnificent Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe is the most frequently visited religious attraction in Mexico.
The National Museum of Anthropology is the oldest and the richest museum in Mexico. It is located on the territory of a public park called Chapultepec in the central part of Mexico. The management of the National Museum of Anthropology tries to make the ancient city of Mexico more popular.
A tourist who knows nothing about the history of the ancient civilizations in Mexico can’t even imagine that there might be a park which is more than 800 years old. Chapultepec is located in the center of Mexico. Locals love this park probably more than New Yorkers love Central Park.
According to the latest statistics, Mexico is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. Almost 20 million people live in the federal district of Mexico. This is an ancient and eclectic city with a countless number of attractions.
The remains of the most ancient gigantic Maya city - Teotihuacan - are located 50 km away from Mexico. Don’t neglect a chance to visit the magnificent and mysterious ruins. There are daily tours held by professional guides. They will lead travelers along paved streets which are over 2.5 thousands centuries old.
Among numerous cities and settlements of Maya which had been hidden in obscurity and gradually turned into ruins, Uxmal managed to remain in its best condition. Uxmal is an ancient Maya city in the north-west of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.
Cozumel is the largest in its territory island in Mexico which is pretty attractive to the tourists. The island is in the top 10 best places on Earth for recreational fishing, diving and exploring the natural coral megalopolises, and surfing.
On November 1, 2012, one and a half month prior to the predicted by Maya end of the world, a new museum was solemnly opened in the center of Cancun. Equipped with the latest technologies in regard to keeping the exponents and comprising the territory of over 5 thousand square meters, Mayan Museum attracts increased attention of both locals and tourists.
World interest in the heritage of the extinct Maya civilization is not fading away even nowadays. Numerous religious and cult mysteries, sulky predictions, the most accurate calendar, gigantic ruined cities, and settlements invariably attract crowds of curious tourists.