Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

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The city of Amsterdam, “the city of freedom” as it is often called, is famous for all sorts of points of interest. Here are some frequently used definitions in relation to Amsterdam, such as “the city of temptation”, “the sin city”, “the city of love”…

All these names are given for a reason, of course. Amsterdam is notorious for those things that the other places prefer shyly to keep silent.

Is Amsterdam the city of love or sin?

Here comes the Erotic Museum, one of the most intrigue sights in Amsterdam. It is important not to confuse the Erotic Museum with the Sex Museum, as these places are two different museums. The first one is situated in a Red-Light district in the building of an old warehouse. There is a neon-lighted inscription above the entrance to the Erotic Museum so it is not hard to recognize and distinguish it from the rest places.

Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

Tour of a Red-Light District

The museum exposition is spread over the three floors of the building. Mostly the sexually explicit exhibits tell the stories involving the Red-Light District, a traditional place where the prostitutes offer their services. The Museum even has a special room with a wax figure of a representative of the oldest profession. Here a story of the typical night of a woman, earning her living by working in the sphere, is told. It is noteworthy that behind the doors of the Erotic Museum, you can meet a huge number of real, from flesh and blood, colleagues of this wax figure in the Museum.

Besides the model of the private room, there are many interesting and imagine disturbing things in the showplace. For example, a collection of old erotic pictures and lithographies, porn- magazines, sex-toys (it is possible to trace an evolution from antiquity to the present days), installations of erotic scenes of all kinds, and also audio- and video materials.

A separate room is reserved for a very unusual version of the animated exposition "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Here, the Disney heroes familiar to all of us appear in the very piquant and unusual images. An "adult" version of the old children's story.

Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

After you examine all three floors of the Museum, you can move towards the final stage –purchase of the souvenirs. However, you will never find here the usual and familiar figures. But there is a machine that sells various condoms for all tastes, colors, and smells – that is what the Erotic Museum offers its guests. Do not be shy and take the souvenirs for all your friends – an original souvenir from the “hottest” sight of the Netherlands.

Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

In addition to such a provocative place in Amsterdam, you can visit the Rijksmuseum – a more restful and staid place of interest focused on history, art, and craft.

Information for visitors

Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 54, 1012 DP Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Opening hours:

  • From Sunday to Thursday – 11 am to 1 am;
  • From Friday to Saturday – 11 am to 2 pm.

Ticket price: 5 €

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