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Hotels in Poland

Hotels in Zakopane
1025 properties
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Goszczyńskiego 7
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Hotels in Gdańsk
1386 properties
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Targ Rybny 1
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TripAdvisor Reviews: 436
Hotels in Wrocław
468 properties
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H. Modrzejewskiej 2, Stare Miasto
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Popular attractions in Poland

All the roads in Krakow lead to the Krakow Barbican. It’s a powerful defensive construction which had been guarding the city against the invasions of enemies from the ancient times. Wherever you go and whatever Krakow attractions you visit, you will come back to the Barbican every time.
Staszic Palace in Warsaw is a grand monument of architecture of the 19th century. Today, the Polish Academy of Sciences is located in the palace. This Neoclassical building attracts the attention of many photographers and tourists, but not everyone knows the history that went before the palace construction.
Wilanow Palace is a true masterpiece of the Baroque style built in the 1677-1698 years by Augustyn Locci for King John III Sobieski. The palace is located on the south-east part of Warsaw in the Wilanów district.
Lazienki Park is situated on Ujazdów Avenue in the center of Warsaw. This park is the biggest one in the city with a total area of 76 hectares. The word “łazienki” is translated as “baths”. The park is also often called as Warsaw Lazienki or Royal Lazienki.
The Royal Castle in Warsaw is a national cultural monument that is included to the State Museum Registry. It was built by the order of Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, Sigismund III Vasa, in 1598-1618 years on the place of the Masovia Palace.
Gothic Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven or Saint Mary’s Basilica in Krakow is a real decoration of the Main Market Square in the city. Every hour it gathers a crowd of people who come to listen to the Hejnał Mariacki.
During your tour around Krakow, it’s hard not to mention a marvelous construction of the Arsenal building which stands out from the general style of the city. It looks more like the Medieval Italian castle than the Polish Gothic construction.
The solemn and monumental St. Florian’s Gate is the only remaining gate in the vallum which used to surround Krakow. It lost its defensive role back in the XIX century. The gate was saved from the demolition by a genuine miracle. Today, they please the guests of the city who come to admire the powerful walls of this legendary Krakow attraction.
The St. Florian’s Church is named after the martyr whose cult was held sacred in this city. The main cathedral in the city and St. Florian’s Gate bear his name. This building which raises above Matejko Square is the starting point of all the tours around the city.