Car rental in Perth

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Car rentals in Perth

Perth is one the most isolated capital of the state in Australia. Hidden on the coast of the Indian Ocean, it offers kilometers of untouched beaches, numerous national parks within an easy-reach, breathtaking nature and friendly locals. Besides, there are many tourist attractions scattered all over the city. Clearly, the most comfortable and efficient way to explore its remarkable scenery and sights is to get a rental car and start a real adventure.

Peculiarities of roads regulations and rental cars in Perth

If you are planning to visit Australia and get a rental car, better choose and book it in advance. Using an online booking platform gives you lots of privileges and guarantees that you will get what you expected.

Locals can’t imagine their lives without a vehicle. Clearly, it’s the most efficient and comfortable method of moving around. If you plan to discover the beauties of city, its surrounding areas or even Australia itself, don’t even hesitate to get a rental car.

Learn some of the specific features of driving in Perth:

  • the roads are divided into three categories: federal, state and local;
  • left driving;
  • pricey parking;
  • lots of cars;
  • high fines starting for the violation of rules;
  • paid roads, tunnels, and bridges;
  • strict rules for traveling with kids - all children up to 135 cm in height must be traveling in a special chair.

Better always read road regulations of the country you are planning to visit not to get in trouble.

Where to get a rental car in Perth?

You can pick up your rental car right after the arrival at the Perth International Airport. It will be the most convenient way to get to your hotel. Besides, there are many offices of service providers located in the city. Here are some of the addresses:

  • 3/5 Gordon St;
  • 54B Shepperton Rd;
  • 381 Guildford Rd;
  • 198 Adelaide Terrace;
  • 260 Hay St.

Price of a rental car in Perth

There are plenty of both local and worldwide known companies (Alamo, Firefly, Hertz, National) that operate in Perth and offer competitive prices and excellent services. The price of a rental car depends on the location of the office, the duration of your booking and, clearly, the model and class of the vehicle.

A small auto like the Nissan Tiida will cost you about $37 a day and $122 per week. While for the Mitsubishi Outlander you’ll have to pay about $89 per day and $187 a week. Mind, that early-booking always saves your money and gives you a bigger choice. If you reserve a rental car beforehand for a period longer than 7 days, you’ll save up to 30%.

What’s included in the cost of a rental car in Perth

If you book a rental car in Perth, the price will include:

  • 2100 kilometers per rental;
  • Full gas tank;
  • Free cancellation;
  • Informational support.

For any extra services like full insurance or a GPS, you’ll have to pay an additional fee. The insurance costs approximately $20 a day.

Car rentals in Perth

Fascinating attractions in Perth

The capital of Australia's west coast is a vivid combination of soft-sand beaches with glassy waters of the Indian Ocean, creative bars and restaurants, awesome street art and wonderful parks. The easiest way to discover all the destinations the city offers is to move around on a vehicle. Better plan everything in advance and develop a route of all the attractions you want to see. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • You can’t visit the city and not admire its beaches. The most comfortable and safe ones are the North, City and Sorrento Beaches. The Cottesloe Beach is one of the most famous places in the capital for swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. But be careful of the underwater torrents. Scarborough and Trigg are perfect for practicing your surfing skills and perfecting them. It doesn’t matter which spot you choose. The atmosphere and beautiful nature will make you fall in love;
  • The Perth Zoo is an ideal place to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. Moreover, here you shall find European and American species, which have been living here since 1898. The zoo is divided into three areas, each representing various parts of the planet. These zones are specially equipped and built to reconstruct the natural environments for the animals;
  • The Swan Bells Tower is the symbol of the city with 18 bells inside. This sail-shaped building is one of the biggest musical instrument in the world. The bell tower has a great collection of ancient clocks, optical instruments, and bells, dating back to the 14th century. At night, the building is beautifully illuminated and stands out. Here you can listen to the tolls and see how bell-ringers performed this action.

What to see near Perth in a rental car?

Any city in Australia is surrounded by numerous fascinations tourist attractions. Perth is not an exception. Pack your bags, charge a camera and wear comfortable shoes to discover the stunning natural sights located not far from this coastline city. Devote at least one of your days to a thrilling adventure. Here are some of the sites you can’t miss:

  • The Wave Rock is a remarkable natural mass shaped in a shape of the wave. Over 150 thousands of tourists come to admire this masterpiece annually. The rock is approximately 60 million years old and it was formed due to the severe winds and rains. Throughout the day, the color of the rock is changing, depending on the position of the Sun. Located near a cozy town of Hyden, it’s an ideal one-day getaway from the megalopolis;
  • The Nambung National park and The Pinnacles comprise 184 square kilometers and offer the most marvelous sandy dunes, eucalyptus’ thickets, beautiful flowers in the lowlands and various animals like a kangaroo, emu, and cockatoo. The most beautiful period lasts from August to October when all the flowers are in blossom and the valley turns into a colorful carpet. But there’s one special secret hidden in the very center of the bloomy valley. It’s the Pinnacles - an extraordinary desert with thousands of limestone rocks towering over yellows sands;
  • The Swan Valley is a tempting place with famous wineries, chic restaurants, various events and art exhibits located in an amazing area with stunning views. Here you can explore the Food and Wine trail with the best restaurants, cafes, local breweries and wineries, fresh vegetable and fruit stalls and more! And in the little town of Guildford which is situated nearby, you can dive into the old traditions and habits of the first inhabitants of the area.