Car rental in Tokyo

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Car rentals in Tokyo

Tokyo is loud megalopolis, a city of future, where the ultra-modern buildings stand side by side to ancient temples. Each quarter of the capital is a unique world with its exotic restaurants, attractions and architectural pieces of art. A rental car is an excellent option to explore this vivid town and its neighborhoods.

Peculiarities of renting a car in Tokyo, Japan

If you are planning to book a rental car in Tokyo, prepare to the left driving. The fines for violating road regulations are pretty high. That’s why the highways have traffic lights every 100 meters to prevent drivers from speeding. The fine for neglecting the rules start at $800.

Some roads in the capital are paid. There are 4 paid ring roads which cost around $4.50 for a ride. The parking situation is not bad, you can find plenty of multilevel parking lots which charge about $4 per an hour. The average price for the fuel is around $1.20.

What do you need to get a rental car in Tokyo

In the capital of Japan, you need to have an international driving license which corresponds to the 1949 Geneva Convention. The permit shall be valid for one year since your arrival in the country. Besides, you must be more than 21 years old and have at least one year of driving experience.

Where to get a rental car in Tokyo?

Japan is a fabulous country to explore on a vehicle. No wonder there are plenty of car rental services which operate 24/7. The most popular and trustworthy companies are the international ones like Hertz, Avis, Alamo, Europcar, and Sixt. You can easily get a rental car right after your arrival at the Narita International Airport or book it online in advance. This allows you compare the prices of various service providers and choose a model which perfectly fits your budget and taste.

Price of a rental car in Tokyo

The rates for getting a rental car in Tokyo depend on several factors. Always compare the price for the same model and class of a vehicle at different service providers. Mind, that the location of the office can also influence the cost. Another great factor is the duration of your booking. If you reserve your vehicle for more than a week, you’ll get a 30% off.

Mazda 2 Demio will cost you $43 per day. A premium auto like Mazda MX-5 Roadster or similar is available at a fair price of $195 a day.

What’s included in the cost of a rental car in Tokyo

If you book a rental car in Tokyo, you shall get:

  • Unlimited kilometers per rental;
  • Road Fee / Road Licensing Fee;
  • Insurance, Covers, and Waivers;
  • GPS Rental;
  • Full gas tank;
  • Free cancellation;
  • Informational support;
  • All Additional Drivers included.

When is it better to visit Tokyo?

Most people plan their visit to admire the cherry blossom. It typically lasts during the end of March and the beginning of April. The weather is actually pretty good during the spring months. The rain is not that frequent, the humidity is acceptable and the temperature is really comfortable for wandering around the city. If you are not keen on the famous flowers, October is a wonderful opportunity to see Tokyo wearing bright autumn colors.

Summer and the beginning of autumn is not a great choice for a visit. The air if stuffy and the humidity increases as well as the number of rains. So, if you want to have tours and do the sights, better plan for the spring or middle of the fall.

Car rentals in Tokyo

What to see in Tokyo?

Tokyo is amazing. Just in the very center of the city, hidden among thick emerald trees, surrounded by walls and canals, stands the magnificent Imperial Palace. The entry inside is limited, but you can enjoy a walk in the Eastern Park at specific days. Here you can delight your sight with the bloom of cherry blossom and the plum tree in March and April. Another marvelous place to enjoy this stunning process is the Kitanomaru Park. It gathers both local and tourists, who conduct a special traditional ceremony of bloom admiration.

Another stunning oasis is located in the heart of the city. The public Park Euno is a natural getaway with its own lakes, temples, a zoo, and even museums. Locals enjoy spending their time in this marvelous spot to take a deep breath and relax from the megalopolis. It will take you at least one day to see all the attractions and the beauty the Euno Park has to offer.

Japanese are extremely proud of their major capital theatre Kabuki-za, situated in the center of Ginza. This place depicts the rich culture and traditions of the wise nation. Though its rich costumes, bright makeup and awesome performances, the site helps guests dive into the unique atmosphere of Ancient Japan.

Road trip from Tokyo in a rental car

There’s a variety of breathtaking destinations around the city you can visit in a rental car. Nikkō National Park is one of such places. Located only 130 km away, this site has picturesque lakes, stunning waterfalls, canyons, thermal springs, ancient temples, and chapels. While visiting the park, don’t miss Nikkō Tōshō-gū. It’s a complex of temples with over 20 architectural sights, a famous five-level pagoda and Yakusi-do Temple. The park annually hosts a number of festivals, events and holidays, so you can easily pick the time of your trip to see one.

Clearly, when in Tokyo, you must see the grand Mount Fuji. It’s a real symbol of Japan, a sleeping volcano and one of the most outstanding mountains in the world. If you decide to climb Fuji, the safest period to achieve your goal is during summer.