Car rental in London

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Car rentals in London

For people who have never been to London, the city associates with a queen, fog and rain, and conservative citizens talking about the weather over a cup of a 5 o’clock tea. You will be pleasantly surprised breaking those prejudices one by one and discovering the secrets this wonderful capital prepares for its guests.

Discover London on a Rental Car

City’s location literally pushes its visitors to rent a car and discover all the neighborhoods and suburbs with the variety of attractions and beautiful places they offer. The prices for rental cars are one of the cheapest in Europe, but the parking is pretty expensive and limited, so you should better plan in advance all the places you want to visit and explore hotels with parking opportunities nearby.

If you are traveling to the city with a family or friends, a rental car is the most comfortable mean of transportation. Taking into account often rains and unstable weather, a possibility to hop into a car at any moment seems like a wise decision.

Places to rent a car in London

You can get a rental car at any of the London airports. It’s the most convenient variant. If you are arriving at the Railway Station, you have a chance to pick up your rental car there. If you didn’t have a chance to get your vehicle at any of the previously mentioned locations, here’s a list of the streets where you can do it:

  • Durnsford Road
  • Old Kent Road
  • Circular Road
  • Piccadilly Court
  • Buckingham Palace Road

Better choose and book your car in advance and get acquainted with the road regulations to be ready to ride just after your arrival.

The price for rental cars in London

London has a variety of service providers to choose from. Hertz, EasyCar, Dollar, Europcar, and Budget operate in the city and offer their rental services for competitive prices.

Actually, the price you’ve got to pay for a rental car depends not only on the class and model of a vehicle but also on how far from the city center the office is located. You can get the Peugeot Mini for a fair price of 17 GBP. If you are looking for a more chic vehicle, Mercedes of the E+ class will cost you about 342 GBP per day. As you can see, there are autos that can satisfy any budget and taste.

Best tourist attractions in London

The capital literally screams with tourist attractions. Wherever you go, there’s a piece of art, historically important place or a marvelous park with street poets and artists performing to the people passing by. Here’s the famous Abbey Road where the Beatles stood, here’s the change of guard at the Buckingham Palace. When you visit London, it seems that you become a hero of a movie.

It’s hard to name the main destinations you must see, as all of them are so tempting. But we prepared a small list of recommendations:

  • Let’s start with the most outstanding buildings and architectural masterpieces of the capital. These are the well-known Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Parliament and Big Ben, the Tower of London and the Buckingham Palace. Spend one or a couple of days wandering around the city’s districts, have a picnic in the Hyde Park and try traditional English cuisine at one of the numerous restaurants;
  • Englishmen say that in order to understand their mentality you have to do one tiny thing - to be born in England. There is, however, another way to know more about this charming country. Head to the British Museum to dive into the history of Great Britain, the Tate Modern and the Victoria and Albert Museum will tell you all about its culture and art, get on board of the ancient ship at the Cutty Sark Museum. And don’t forget to attend the Sherlock Holmes Museum that will definitely tell you more about the British character;
  • If you are traveling with kids, you’ll love the Warner Bros. Studio with its authentic decorations, costumes and even streets from the Harry Potter movies. Enter Dumbledore's office, walk down the Diagon Alley, drink a goblet of the butterbeer (don’t worry, it’s absolutely no alcohol in it), and have a festive dinner in the main hall. A day spent in this place will stay in your memory forever.

Car rentals in London

What to see near London?

When you open Google Maps, there are thousands of tourist destinations and beautiful spots around the city. Visiting them without a rental car will bring you lots of fuss and efforts taken. You can just get into your vehicle and start driving in any direction out of the city and find something magnificent on your way, but if you are limited in time, we made a list of places not far from London that you need to check out:

  • There’s probably no one on this planet who has not heard about the Stonehenge. Located in Wiltshire only 130 km from the capital along the vivid road, this grand monument will make you forget how to breathe. Scientists still dispute about its real purpose and how was it erected. You are not allowed to come too close to this stone megalithic construction, but believe us, it’s a view worth seeing;
  • If you want to spend your day in a cozy and small town by the beach, head to Brighton, located only 80 km from the town. Beautiful and bright architecture, beaches and promenades, shopping and entertaining centers attract more and more tourists to this quiet place. People usually come here to enjoy a calm day with their families, try national cuisine and find out what’s life like outside the capital;
  • If you didn’t see enough royalty and palaces in the center of the city, go to the Hampton Court located only 18 km from the capital on the left bank the river Thames. It uses to be a royal residence till 1760, but now it serves as a museum with a marvelous park and gardens surrounding it. Spend some time wandering along the perfectly shaped bushes and emerald green grass, decorated with bright and beautiful flower beds. But don’t stay in the park during the whole day! The inside of the palace is even more outstanding. Here you will dive into the lifestyle of the Tudor epoch.

London is full of contrasts. If you are not limited in time and want to learn England as it is, do not hesitate to get a rental car and discover all the secrets and diversity it has to offer. Better plan your travel route, accommodation and attraction you want to visit beforehand. The best offers for rental cars and hotels are swept away like hot pies.