Car rental in New York

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Car rentals in New York

There’s hardly a person in the world who hasn’t heard about New York. Skyscrapers are hiding in the clouds, Central Park is like a miracle oasis in the center of this concrete jungle, yellow taxis and crowds of people, that are always in a hurry. We see this in the movies and TV-series. But there’s nothing better than discovering this city of opportunities and dreams in a real life.

New York is a wonderful location for a trip with a family and friends. Always awake and always has something to offer, this place can’t make leave you indifferent.

Unique sightseeing in New York

There are not enough fingers on both hands to enumerate all the attractions and interesting spots the NYC hides. Here and there something will catch your sight and you’ll suddenly recollect a movie's scene, a chapter from the book or song lyrics. Always remember that the city combines a huge variety of cultures and nationalities. Here you can find a Small Italy, Chinatown in Manhattan, Russian and Ukrainian supermarkets in Brooklyn, Spanish Bronx and more! It screams with diversity and fascinates its guests.

We advise you to create a plan and list the places you aim to see during your visit. This will help you to spend your days efficiently and not to wander thoughtlessly.

We created a list of places that you must definitely see:

  • One of the symbols of New York is the Statue of Liberty. It was greeting the newcomers from all around the worlds in the XIX century. Climb up 356 steps to get to the observation deck and see a beautiful city view;
  • Head to Manhattan and try to find the building you’ve seen in the movies. Plaza Hotel, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and of course, visit the heart of this district - the Time Square! Discover Broadway with its theatres and bright lights, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral and the Woolworth Building. And don’t forget to enjoy a picnic in the Central Park and lie on a perfectly mowed lawn;
  • Across the Brooklyn Bridge go to the district of the same name. Walk down the Brooklyn-Heights promenade with its cozy houses, head to the Fulton Street to have an awesome shopping and don’t forget the Brighton Beach! You’ll love the flavor left after exploring this district;
  • If you come to the NYC for the cultural enrichment, you won’t be disappointed with the wide range of museums and art-galleries it has. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will delight your artistic tastes, while the American Museum of Natural History shall tell you about the rich history of our planet. Most of the museums in the Big Apple are considered to be one of the best in the world due to their explicit collections and excellent services. Even if you are limited in time, try to explore at least one of them!

Car rentals in New York

Do you need a rental car in New York?

Who hasn’t dreamt of having wheels to travel all over the states? New York seems like an excellent start. But getting a rental car in the NYC is a good variant if your goal is to discover the neighboring areas and to have a transfer from the airport to the center. Let’s be honest, the Big Apple is known for its traffic jams. But if you are traveling with a family, a rental car is still the most efficient and cheapest solution if you book it in advance.

Pay special attention to the parking lots. Many of them are used for special buildings, restaurants or other facilities. If you park near office A which has a limited parking lot for its coworkers only, and go to Starbucks to get a coffee, some alert passersby can rat on you. So, if a $300 fine is not included in your budget, be careful while choosing your parking lot.

Where to rent a car in New York?

You can get a rental car right at the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) after your arrival or at any of the offices in the city. Here are some of the locations:

  • Broadway
  • 83rd Street
  • East 11th Street
  • Northern Boulevard
  • Union Street
  • 33rd Street

There are plenty of service providers’ offices scattered around all the districts. If you want to save your money, consider booking a rental car in New-Jersey, located only 70 miles from the Big Apple. Remember that the prices in the suburbs are typically cheaper.

How much does it cost to rent a car in New York?

There are both American and European car rental companies in the NYC. An interesting fact is that the European service providers have lower prices than the local ones. Hertz is the most widespread company with over 100 offices. Eurocar, Discount, Alamo, and Enterprise are also successfully operating in the city. Companies offer competitive prices and try to outdo each other in the level of services they provide.

The prices depend on the class and the model of the auto, on the date and the service provider you choose. An average price for an economy class will be approximately $32 per day and be going up. Always keep in mind that the sooner you need a rental car, the higher cost you shall have. So always plan your trips beforehand to save your budget and time.

Car rentals in New York

Sights around New York to visit on a car

But you do need a rental car to visit all the wonderful destinations located nearby the city. If you want to escape from the concrete jungles on a hot summer day or on a chilly autumn weekend, jump into your rental car and head to one of the following spots:

  • Finger Lakes Region is a picturesque area with stunning nature, numerous museums, state parks and wine of its own production. If you feel like wine tasting or spending an active day outdoors, don’t even hesitate to visit this marvelous place. It was primarily inhabited by the Indians, who gave this region its name. The beautiful lakes an oblong shape and are the deepest ones in the US. Here you can enjoy exploring trails or biking, boating, and fishing or just relaxing by the fire and drinking Riesling;
  • Bear Mountain State Park is another beautiful natural attraction located in the mountains only 1-hour drive from New York. Surrounded by emerald green forests, it offers biking, bathing and fishing, lodging and enjoying the quiet atmosphere. Here you can attend Trailside Museums and Zoo, climb the Perkins Memorial Tower atop Bear Mountain to admire the most marvelous view on the Hudson Highlands;
  • A perfect beach getaway not far from the city can be found at the Rockaway Beach. Locals love it for its close location and lots of space. 12 km in length, this beach serves as a perfect spot to throw loud parties or have romantic dates. There are lots of cafes, bars, and restaurants along the coastline, so when you are tired of catching the waves and swimming, you can easily grab a snack in one of them.

In New York, a rental car gives you more freedom to visit the places around the city in the shortest period of time. You won’t have to worry about buying tickets or waiting for a bus. Just book your accommodation and a rental car in advance to make sure your trip goes smoothly.