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Hotels in Venezuela

Hotels in Caracas
42 properties
Recommended Hotels:
Av. Don Eugenio Mendoza, entre calles El Bosque y José Angel Lamas. La Castellana
TripAdvisor Reviews: 88
Eugenio Mendoza Con Calle Urdaneta,
TripAdvisor Reviews: 632

Popular attractions in Venezuela

There are several incredible parks on the territory of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. They attract every guest and tourist who visits the country. A big flow of travelers increases the offers from the hotels in Caracas and influences the prices.
Parque del Este is located in Caracas and was created in 1961. The project was developed by the artist and architect named Roberto Burle Marx. The park is the exhibition of the design and landscape compositions created by the author.
The territory of Caracas is rich in a diversity of fascinating buildings and constructions which are genuine monuments of the national history. There’s one incredible place in the city which you must see if you visit Venezuela to see its main attractions.
Near the banks of the Caribbean Sea, not far from Caracas, spreads its beauties the El Ávila National Park. It comprises the territory of 200 square kilometers at the foot of the El Ávila Mountain which is more than 2500 meters in height.
Simón Bolívar is a real national hero of Venezuela. Many streets, squares, and even local currency were named in his honor. His ashes are kept in the National Pantheon which we highly recommend you to visit. He was one of the historical figures in the country and everyone knows his name from early childhood.
Angel Falls is the deepest and the tallest waterfall in the world situated in South America. It’s hidden in the jungles of the Guiana Shield, in the Gran Sabana region in Venezuela. Canaima is the nearest village which is located only 50 kilometers away.