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How to find cheap flight tickets?

It is cheaper to buy a ticket online. Planet of Hotels is a meta-search engine for flights — we find the most favorable flight options.

How to buy cheap flight tickets?

It is necessary to fill in all search boxes (booking forms) — the departure point, flight destination, number of passengers, category (child, infant), luggage. You should also select the required criterion: the number of connections, price range, and desired airlines from the list.

Where to buy an airline ticket?

You can buy a ticket from travel agents, tour operators, or at airport ticket offices. But it is cheaper to do it on the Internet — on airlines' websites, travel agencies, aggregators, or meta-search engines. The meta-search tool of the Planet of Hotels shows airline ticket options from different airlines. That is, you do not need to go to various websites to choose the most suitable flights.

When are the cheapest flight tickets?

During the vacation season, holidays, and festivals, tickets are always more expensive due to increasing demand. Therefore, if you fly in the low season and on weekdays, a ticket will cost cheaper as a rule.

When is it better to buy flight tickets?

Usually, tickets are put on sale 330 days in advance, and it is recommended to buy them 4-6 months before a departure. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are favorable days to search for flights, from 8 AM to 12 PM and 2 PM to 6 PM. On weekends, the price does not change much during the day. Approximately 1,5 months before a departure, airlines adjust the price of tickets. In most cases, the closer the departure date is, the more expensive it is. This is not the case with low-costers: You can buy the cheapest tickets from Ryanair 150-75 days before a departure (the price is about 20% lower than the average). The situation is similar with WizzAir, but in 100-75 days before a departure, the price of a ticket drops even more significantly — about two times lower than the average. The best time to buy at Ernest Airlines is 180-90 days before a flight (the price decreases by about 20%). Sometimes, companies sell the remaining tickets a few weeks or a month before a departure for a penny.

What are the most beneficial days and time of departure?

As a rule, evening and night flights can be booked cheaper than morning and day flights. But you should consider, for example, the need to pay for a cab or an extra night at the hotel. Low-cost carriers have the most expensive tickets on Sunday (+15-20% off the average price), and the cheapest tickets are on Tuesday and Wednesday (-15-20% off the average price). A departure on Friday and Saturday will cost you 5-10% more than the average price.

For how many days is it better to take tickets?
For classical airlines, a ticket with a departure and return on the same day will cost 15% more expensive, and with a return on the next day — 5% more expensive. If we talk about more extended trips, the most costly option is a departure on Saturday and a return on the following Saturday or Sunday.
Where are the cheapest flight tickets?

The cheapest destinations will be those with high competition. The more airlines perform flights on this route, the lower the ticket price is. Also, a connecting flight is usually cheaper than a direct flight.

What airline has the cheapest tickets?
Low-cost carriers offer the cheapest tickets: Ryanair, WizzAir, SkyUp, Ernest Airlines, Vueling Airlines, Aegean Air, AirBaltic. But it should be taken into account that in this case, there may not be a very convenient airport of departure and arrival, you may need to pay extra for luggage, and the ticket will include only hand luggage.
How to get to know the exact price of the flight?

You can find out exactly how much a flight cost by going to the seller's website, because the price may have changed. First of all, it concerns the tickets with discounts and promo rates, which are always limited in number. They could already be sold out, and the price could not be updated.

Can I buy a ticket with an open date?
This option is not available when selecting a flight.
What to pay attention to when buying flifght tickets?

If you want to buy a ticket at the lowest price, you should bother about it in advance. Besides, not always the cheapest option is convenient and comfortable. When building a complicated route, you should pay attention to the connection points (you may need a transit visa). Often, there is a possibility of stopping on the way, leading to additional costs (a hotel, cab to the hotel). Meta-search of flights can offer options which will involve more than one airline. You should take into account the connecting time between flights. It is more reliable to choose a more extended connection, not less than two hours. Most cheap tickets are not subject to change or refund after the payment. You should consider all the peculiarities before pressing the "book" and "pay" buttons.

How to book a flight?

Fill in the booking form. Specify the type of trip — one way or a round trip, select departure and arrival airports, enter dates, specify the number of passengers, specify whether you will have luggage. After that, you should press the "Search" button. Choose the desired option from the ones you have found. Fill in your name and surname as indicated in the foreign passport, passport details, and birth date. Enter your cell phone number and e-mail address. Choose a payment form and click the "Book" button.

I have not received a confirmation after payment. What should I do?
In case there is no e-mail with the confirmation of the booking code, you should check your Spam folder and review all incoming e-mails, check the withdrawal of funds from the card. If the result is negative, you should contact the agency or airline on whose website the ticket was purchased for more detailed information.
More money has been withdrawn from the card than was claimed in the search result. What should I do?
During the search, after going to the supplier's website (agency or airline), the cost may change. Passengers are often charged extra luggage fees, insurance, and conversion. It is recommended to double-check the rules of the applied fare, its conditions, and payment details. If you have any questions concerning the payment, please contact the airline directly or the agent from whom this service was purchased.
Is it possible to cancel the paid ticket?

Until you click the "Pay" button, you agree to all the rules of the airline. It is necessary to read all conditions and restrictions concerning the ticket carefully. If the ticket is already paid for, you may have to pay the full price for the cancellation. Each airline has its own policy regarding the fare rules and conditions of their application.

I plan to fly with an infant, does he/she need a ticket?

Even the smallest passenger should have a ticket. When booking a ticket, fill out the form, selecting the desired passenger category. Babies aged 0 to two years old travel in the arms of one of their parents. For infants under six months, many airlines provide cradles for the installation of which there is a row at the beginning of the cabin. If you want to order this service (a cradle), you must inform the airline. You can take a folding stroller in your hand luggage on board.

How do I check my ticket?

After the payment, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your trip to the specified address. Your booking will be assigned a unique code consisting of 6 symbols (letters and numbers), as well as a ticket number. To check the flight status and your e-ticket, you need to go to the website of the airline in the "Management of the reservation" or "My booking," "My trip" section, enter the booking number and last name. After entering all the data, the system will identify you, and all the details of your trip will appear on the screen. If, for some reason, you do not receive an answer after entering all the data, you should contact the airlines.

Can I buy seats in the cabin?
Almost all airlines offer to choose a seat in the cabin. This can be done in advance on the carrier's website. All high comfort seats are paid for. The cost depends on many factors. The airlines charge the highest fare for seats in the emergency row and rows, located immediately behind the business class. It should be remembered that people under 18 and over 65 should not be in the emergency row. This option is available for all passengers when checking in for the flight.
How to buy luggage on a booked flight ticket?
If you have bought a ticket that includes only hand luggage, you can purchase additional baggage. To do this, you need to go to the carrier company's website in the "My booking" or "Manage my booking" section, enter your ticket details, booking number, or ticket number, and select the desired option. If you have any questions, you should contact the service provider directly — the airline or agency where the ticket was purchased.
How to register sports equipment?

Transportation of sports equipment requires a special request. When buying a ticket, please read the transportation rules and rates for your ski equipment, surfboard, diving equipment, or bicycle in advance. This luggage belongs to the special category. Transportation of special baggage must be requested at least 24 hours before the flight departure. It is necessary to contact the carrier, specify the dimensions and weight of the ammunition. Payment for sports equipment is possible either directly on the airline's website or during check-in at the airport before a departure.

How to make a group booking (more than 9 passengers)?
If the request is for more than nine passengers, it is necessary to apply directly to the authorized agency or airline. It is not possible to create a group booking at the moment.
How to transport an animal on board?

A search engine helps you choose the best flight option. When buying an air ticket online, there is no way to request and pay for your pet's transportation. Before purchasing a ticket, please read the rules of the transportation of animals on the air carrier's website. Requests that require special attention and additional options are processed by the airline or agency.

How to change a ticket?

The cheaper a ticket, the stricter its application rules are. Once booked, the ticket is not refundable and is not exchangeable in most cases. Often, the same airline offers several options. If the passenger is not sure about the plans of the trip, the agency or airline offers to buy a ticket at a more flexible fare, which involves changing the date of departure, a refund of the paid cost with minimal losses. All questions regarding date change or refund should be addressed directly to the airline or agency where the ticket was purchased. Contacts are indicated in an e-mail received after payment and the booking process is completed.

What to do if there is a mistake in the name or last name?
According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) rules, it is allowed to have three mistakes in the surname or first name except for the first letter and if the errors do not distort the pronunciation. It is impossible to change the surname in the already purchased ticket. If there are doubts or mistakes on the ticket, please contact the airline or agency where you bought the service.
Can I change my name on the ticket if my plans change?

When you purchase a ticket, you agree with all the rules of the airline. A ticket is a personal financial electronic document. After the ticket is issued and paid for, the surname change is prohibited.

Do I need to check-in for my flight online?
All airlines offer the service of "online flight check-in." Be sure to check-in for the flight no later than 24 hours before a departure and get your boarding pass. You can save your boarding pass to your smartphone or print it out. As a rule, an e-ticket for the plane, which is loaded on a mobile device, is equivalent to a paper ticket, but it is better to reinsure yourself and have a printout with you. If you are traveling without baggage, only with hand luggage, you can go straight to the border control, passing the check-in counter. If you have 20 kg or more luggage, please contact the check-in desk, presenting your boarding pass. It is very important to know that many airlines charge an additional $15 to $25 for missing online check-in and electronic boarding passes.
What to do if your flight is rescheduled or cancelled?
In case of changes in the time or date of a flight departure, the airline informs the passenger in advance and offers alternatives. Notifications about the cancellation or postponement of the date/time of departure, as a rule, come to the e-mail address or cell phone (SMS), which was specified when booking on the airline or agency website. If this situation caught you at the airport, you should contact an airline representative. Carrier will do everything possible to fulfill its obligations to the passenger: offer a flight to the desired point on the flight of the partner airline, book your ticket for the next flight, providing accommodation in the airport area. If you are notified that the flight has been rescheduled/canceled, you need to contact the airline or agency where the ticket was purchased immediately.
What to do if you have come on a flight, but you have been denied transportation?
It may happen that the ticket you have bought will be the unlucky one. This situation is called "overbooking." There are several reasons for this situation. Overbooking may be for technical reasons when the airline is making a change of aircraft type, and the new board can accommodate fewer passengers. The second reason is a planned resale for the flight. Striving for a 100% load, airlines allow the possibility of several passengers not appearing on the flight, which leads to the consequences of overbooking. Airlines have developed mechanisms to address this problem. You will be offered the next flight. If the ticket is bought in the business class, the airline will provide compensation — the difference between the paid air ticket and the ticket's cost in economy class. Each airline has its own rules for cases when passengers are in a rebooking situation. All questions related to overbooking are solved exclusively by the carrier due to whose fault this situation has arisen.
Who to contact if my luggage is lost or damaged?
If you find that your baggage is missing or damaged on the baggage receiving tape after landing at the destination point, you should contact the special service of baggage search at the airport, "Lost and Found." The airport officer of this service must offer a particular written form, which must be filled in. All claims about luggage loss and damage are accepted only in writing. In most cases, the luggage is located within 24 hours from the moment the flight lands; sometimes, it takes a little more time. In case the baggage is not found, the airline will pay compensation to the passenger. If you find yourself in such a situation, please contact the airline. Keep your luggage receipt and boarding passes until all issues are resolved.

Airline tickets to anywhere in the world

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How to buy the cheapest air fare ticket

Airline tickets cover a huge part of your travel budget, and this money can be spent on more interesting things. We have some tips on how to get the cheapest flights.

Do not stick to specific dates

Is it not crucial for you to travel on weekends, holidays, or in the hot season? Flexibility in dates can save you a lot of money. For example, tickets from Monday to Thursday will be much cheaper than from Friday to Sunday. Of course, everything depends on the destination — it is cheaper to travel to some places in winter and to others — in summer.

Book the flights in advance 

It would be best if you did this the sooner, the better. The best time to buy airline tickets is 5-6 weeks before the planned trip.

Choose connecting flights

As a rule, prices for connecting flights are lower than for direct flights. So if you have the time and do not mind visiting other cities — it is a great option to buy cheap flights.

Do not stick to a specific city/airport

Another way to save money is to choose another airport or even a city and create your future route from there. However, it is worth finding out the cost of traveling to the desired destination — sometimes, a taxi ride from a remote airport can equal the pricing of airline tickets.

Travel at night or early in the morning

One more tip — it is the best time to book the flight that departures at night or earlier in the morning. Such trips are usually cheaper.

Pack only the essentials with you

If you compare the price of an airline ticket with carry-on baggage only and extra luggage, you will see that it is much more cost-effective to travel light.

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