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In 1926, after the merging of the two concerns, the difficult path of the German flagship, Lufthansa Airlines began. At the end of the Second World War, the airline company stopped its activities, and only on January 6, 1953, it again came into the spotlight. Since April 1955, regular destinations within Germany have been opened, linking Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich.

A month and a half later, Lufthansa expanded the geography of its flights to include Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), and the United Kingdom (London). Following the European destinations, long-haul flights started to be performed on June 1, 1955. The airline's flight geography covers almost all continents: European countries, 17 Asian countries, major cities of the USA and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, 14 airports of South America, and many capitals of African countries.

Lufthansa Fleet

Today, Lufthansa has a fleet of about 260 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Every year, the airline updates its current fleet. It is convenient to buy a ticket for a Lufthansa plane at

Lufthansa Travel Classes

Lufthansa pays great attention to creating comfortable conditions on board for its passengers. Travel classes on board of Lufthansa include Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class.


The chairs in the economy class have a comfortable construction. During the flight, the backrest takes a comfortable position and creates more space for your feet. On long-haul and intercontinental flights, the seat width is 40 cm, creating comfortable conditions for passengers throughout the entire journey. The airline has developed an onboard entertainment program for economy-class passengers who have purchased tickets for long-haul flights.

Premium Economy

The salon of the Premium Economy Class is located between Business Class and Economy Class. Flights in the Premium Economy Class are primarily suitable for passengers on long flights. Lufthansa has developed a unique concept for passengers in this class. Seat sizes and surrounding space are up to 50% larger than in Economy Class. A special travel kit (a moisturizing skin cream, refreshing wet wipes, a sleep mask) is available for each passenger who purchases a ticket in the Premium Economy Class. In addition to comfort on board, Premium Economy Class customers have the opportunity to take advantage of priority boarding as well as transportation of larger baggage allowance.

Business Class

The airline has created comfortable conditions for Business Class passengers not only on board of the jet but also during the flight preparation. Buying a ticket to the Business Class, you have a priority boarding, the opportunity to carry more personal belongings in hand luggage (two pieces of luggage size 55x40x23 cm), two pieces of luggage weighing up to 32 kg. Business Class passengers wait for their flight in exclusive lounges before the departure and are the first to board. There is a sufficient distance between the rows in the business class cabin, which allows for more space for your feet. Throughout the flight, passengers are offered a varied menu and a wide choice of alcoholic beverages. For customers who have purchased tickets for intercontinental flights, the passenger seats are transformed into a full-size bed 198 cm long.

First Class

The service for First Class passengers means maximum attention to detail. Having created ideal conditions, the airline takes care of passengers' comfort during the whole flight. Customers are offered a varied menu throughout the flight, high-quality alcoholic drinks, sleep accessories, and toiletries. Luggage allowance is 40 kg. First Class customers have the option of priority boarding, visiting special halls (airport lounge).

Carry-on baggage and luggage in Lufthansa

The tickets bought at the cheapest rates include only carry-on luggage. The hand luggage must have the size of 55x35x25 cm, and the main luggage — 75 x 55 x 25 cm.

Carry-on luggage:

  • Economy Class — 1 item weighing up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm;
  • Premium Economy Class — 1 item weighing up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm;
  • Business Сlass — 2 items up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm;
  • First Class — 2 items up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm.

Checked-in baggage:

  • Economy Class (minimum fare) — no baggage allowance;
  • Economy Class (standard fare) — 1 piece weighing up to 23 kg;
  • Premium Economy Class — 2 pieces weighing up to 23 kg;
  • Business Class — 2 pieces weighing up to 32 kg;
  • First Class — 2 pieces up to 32 kg.

Additional baggage

Regardless of the travel class, the passenger can purchase an additional number of baggage items.

Sports baggage

The list of sports equipment includes ski equipment, diving equipment, bicycle, surfboard, and more. Payment for sports equipment is made before the departure at the airport check-in desk.

Flight check-in with Lufthansa

The check-in for Lufthansa flights opens 23 hours before the scheduled departure. You can check-in online on the Lufthansa website or download a special application to your smartphone. After checking in, please save your boarding pass. Online check-in will save you a lot of time during all procedures at the airport.

Menus on board of Lufthansa

Passengers with particular food preferences can order special in-flight menus. Lufthansa has developed a special menu for children, for vegetarians and Muslims, and a diabetic menu. The request for special meals must be made at least 24 hours before the flight.

Flying with children with Lufthansa Airline

If you plan a trip with small children, you should take care of this in advance. Lufthansa takes exceptional care of the youngest passengers. For children between 0 and 12 years old, parents can take an extra piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg. The flight attendants offer coloring and drawing sets for the children. On long-haul flights, there is an onboard entertainment program for small passengers. Children can watch their favorite cartoons and movies. Children who make their first flight with Lufthansa get a so-called flight book during boarding. In this book, the child enters all his or her subsequent flights, and once the book has been completed, the child is awarded a pilot's diploma.

Loyalty Program of Lufthansa

Lufthansa has created the most extensive loyalty program for passengers called the Miles & More Star Alliance. A passenger who becomes a Miles & More member earns bonus points using the services of 26 airlines. In the future, the awarded miles can be redeemed for prizes. A client can redeem a ticket in Economy Class for miles for a Business Class ticket. The Miles & More card allows you to enjoy the program member's privileges: to visit lounges all over the world during the trip, to get on board the liner by priority boarding.


Address: Lufthansa Aviation Centre, 60546 Frankfurt, Germany

Alliance: Star Alliance

Phone number: +49 69 86 799 799

IATA code: LH

Aircraft fleet: 259



How to book an airline ticket for Lufthansa?

You can buy a ticket for Lufthansa on our website by filling out the online form.

How many countries do Lufthansa airplanes fly to?

Lufthansa performs flights to 11 countries.

Which flight directions does Lufthansa serve?

Lufthansa airplanes take passengers to many cities around the world, including Los Angeles, London, Athens, Istanbul, Dublin, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Belgrade, and others.

What is the most frequent destination for Lufthansa planes?

The aircraft of Lufthansa most often perform London - New York, Frankfurt - Dubai, Paris - Montreal flights.

Who can I address in case my luggage is lost or damaged by Lufthansa?

You must immediately contact the baggage search service at the airport of arrival (LOST & FOUND / Passenger Service).

Is it cheaper to buy air tickets for Lufthansa flights at the airport?

No, tickets at the airport are always more expensive. Online booking of flight tickets will help you save money because Planet of Hotels offers various discounts when buying tickets. Besides, using the Planet of Hotels system, you can search for tickets from among all airlines, thus getting the most favorable offer.