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Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, founded in 1923, is the flagship carrier of the Russian Federation. Nowadays, Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow) serves as the main hub of these airlines. Aeroflot is the first airline in Eastern Europe to become a member of the IATA international association. The company operates flights from Moscow to more than 70 destinations in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Regular navigation is carried out to 4 airports in the USA, Cuba, five points in the Middle East, 14 major Asian cities, and several dozen European countries. After joining the SkyTeam alliance, the company's passengers have the opportunity to visit 170 countries of the world, flying with partner airlines. The company's management considers the safety and ecology of flights to be the main priority. According to the On-Time Performance Review, Aeroflot became the most punctual airline in 2019. Moreover, it belongs to the TOP-20 list of the world's best air carriers.

Aeroflot Fleet

Aeroflot's air fleet is the youngest in Eastern Europe, as the age of aircraft is up to 5 years. In 2020, there are nearly 244 operating liners. Besides, the fleet is renewed annually.

Aeroflot Travel Classes

People can take into consideration three classes of service on Aeroflot flights: economy, comfort, and business.

Economy travel class

When it comes to nutrition, economy class passengers have access to meals and a wide selection of drinks on board throughout the whole flight. Furthermore, passengers can use an onboard entertainment system (on long-haul routes), blankets, and pillows on flights longer than 5 hours. The armchairs have a comfortable design with a legroom. You can pay for access to WI-FI with a card.

Comfort travel class

The comfort class cabin provides more comfort and privileges. The distance between the seats is 96 cm, whereas the width of the backrest of the passenger seat is 49 cm. The seat has a built-in USB port; additionally, each seat has individual lighting and access to the onboard entertainment system. The allowance has been increased for comfort class passengers. For instance, they can carry two bags up to 23 kg each and hand luggage weighing up to 10 kg. Customers are offered a wide variety of food and drinks throughout the flight.

Business travel class

Business class passengers can enjoy a range of benefits throughout the entire flight. The list of basic services includes expedited check-in at the airport and access to the business lounge (a separate waiting room at the airport). For business class customers, the baggage allowance has been increased as well — two bags weighing up to 32 kg and hand luggage up to 15 kg.

Baggage and carry-on baggage

For safety reasons, all baggage, including carry-on baggage, must be presented by passengers at check-in. The baggage allowance depends on the selected fare.

Carry-on baggage:

  • economy class: one bag weighing up to 10 kg;
  • comfort class: one bag weighing up to 10 kg;
  • business class: one bag weighing up to 15 kg.

The size of the carry-on baggage must not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm.

Checked-in baggage:

Economy class:

  • Lite and Promo Lite fares — baggage is not included;
  • Optimum, Budget, and Promo fares — one bag up to 23 kg.

Comfort class:

  • Basic, Budget, and Promo fare — one bag weighing up to 23 kg;
  • Maximum and Optimum fare — two bags weighing up to 23 kg.

Business Class:

  • Basic fare — one bag weighing up to 32 kg;
  • Maximum and Optimum fares — two bags weighing up to 32 kg.

Non-standard baggage

Aeroflot Airlines accepts special non-standard baggage for carriage, the list of which includes:

  • ski ammunition (skis, equipment);
  • snowboard and boots;
  • fishing equipment;
  • golf equipment;
  • bicycle.

The fares and rules for the carriage of non-standard baggage and sports ammunition are published on the airline's website.

Aeroflot check-in

Check-in is available only if the flight is operated directly by Aeroflot, without the participation of partner companies. Online check-in is available 24 hours prior to the flight. If a passenger has a special request, such as transportation of an animal or flight of an unaccompanied minor (UMNR), check-in is possible only at the airline's check-in counter of the airport.

Menus on board

Aeroflot offers its passengers on-board foods on all flights. The menu depends on the flight distance and departure time. If the plane departs in the morning, the cabin crew will offer breakfast, coffee, tea, and a wide variety of drinks. If customers have special food preferences, they can order a special menu, which can be found on the airline's website.

Aeroflot flying with children

Children from birth to 5 years old are accepted on board only if they are accompanied by an adult passenger. In addition, they must have tickets in the same class of service. Aeroflot has developed a system of discounts for children. For example, infants from birth to 1-year-old (weighing up to 11 kg) are offered a special cradle, which is available upon prior request. It is also allowed to carry a folding baby carriage in carry-on baggage. The washrooms have changing tables. A special menu and an onboard entertainment system have been developed for young passengers as well.

Aeroflot loyalty program

Aeroflot has developed a special loyalty program called Aeroflot-Bonus for people who use its services frequently. The program enables customers to earn bonus miles while traveling. Membership in Aeroflot-Bonus allows you to add award miles to your individual account. As a result, customers can use bonuses to upgrade the class of service and receive award tickets.


Address: 10, Arbat St., Moscow 119002, Russia

Alliance: SkyTeam

Phone number: +7 (495)2235555

IATA code: SU

Aircraft fleet: 244



How to book an airline ticket for Aeroflot?

You can buy a ticket for Aeroflot on our website by filling out the online form.

How many countries do Aeroflot airplanes fly to?

Aeroflot performs flights to 57 countries.

Which flight directions does Aeroflot serve?

Aeroflot airplanes take passengers to many cities around the world, including Moscow, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Cairo, San Juan, Dubai, Athens, Seoul, and others.

What is the most frequent destination for Aeroflot planes?

The aircraft of Aeroflot most often perform Moscow - London, St Petersburg - Simferopol, Moscow - Male flights.

Who can I address in case my luggage is lost or damaged by Aeroflot?

You must immediately contact the baggage search service at the airport of arrival (LOST & FOUND / Passenger Service).

Is it cheaper to buy air tickets for Aeroflot flights at the airport?

No, tickets at the airport are always more expensive. Online booking of flight tickets will help you save money because Planet of Hotels offers various discounts when buying tickets. Besides, using the Planet of Hotels system, you can search for tickets from among all airlines, thus getting the most favorable offer.