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Austrian Airlines is the leading national carrier of Austria. The headquarters and main transport hub are located at Vienna VIE International Airport. The airline began operating its first flights from Vienna to Zurich and London in 1963. Six years later, a transatlantic flight to New York was carried out together with Belgian Sabena. In November 2008, the German Lufthansa bought out more than 40% of Austrian shares. The airline became part of the Lufthansa Group, which allows passengers to continue their journey aboard a plane in Vienna using the services of SWISS, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, or Eurowings. The red and white livery planes take their customers to more than 125 destinations worldwide, providing a high level of service and care for every passenger.

Austrian Airlines Fleet

By spring 2020, the airline's fleet includes 83 modern airplanes of different flight lengths. The airline's fleet is regularly updated.

Travel classes at Austrian Airlines

The airline offers three classes of service on its flights: Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Class. The service and amenities onboard depend on the duration of the flight, the class of service, and fare type.

Economy Class

Tickets in Economy Class have three fare types: Light, Classic, and Flex. In the Economy cabin, passengers can enjoy extra comfortable seats with plenty of legroom. Long-haul flights are carried out on advanced modified airplanes with ergonomic chairs, which will allow them to take a comfortable position during the trip. All Economy Class customers have access to a multimedia system and can enjoy watching their favorite movies, TV series, listening to classical music concerts on individual displays.

Premium Economy

This class is available on long-haul and intercontinental flights. The Premium Economy cabin is located behind the Business Class and has additional storage space for personal belongings. The passenger seat's width is 48.5 cm, the backrest reclines by 40 degrees, and has a special footrest. Each seat has a built-in electrical socket and a USB port. The 12-inch screen with remote control and noise-reducing headphones will create the effect of your presence in the movie theater, watching your favorite movie. Passengers will be offered a wide range of hot meals, snacks, various alcoholic and soft drinks throughout their journey.

Business Class

Business Class passengers have a separate check-in desk, priority boarding, and access to business lounges. On short flights, the adjoining seat is always available.

On long-haul flights, the passenger seat has a massage function and can easily be transformed into a full-size 2-meter bed. Customers are given travel kits with accessories that will be needed during the flight: a sleep mask, earplugs, toothpaste and brush, face cream, lip balm. A dedicated team of flight attendants will offer a wide range of wines, gourmet drinks, natural coffee, and tea. All dishes are made of high-quality products and served separately.

Baggage and carry-on baggage in Austrian Airlines

Tickets purchased at the cheapest rates include only carry-on luggage. The hand baggage must have the dimensions of 55x35x25 cm and the main luggage — 75 x 55 x 25 cm.

Carry-on baggage:

  • Economy Class — 1 piece weighing up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm;
  • Premium Economy Class — 1 piece up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm;
  • Business Class — 2 pieces up to 8 kg, the sum of three measurements up to 115 cm.

Checked-in baggage:

  • Economy Class (minimum fare) — no baggage allowance;
  • Economy Class (standard fare) — 1 piece weighing up to 23;
  • Premium Economy Class — 2 pieces weighing up to 23 kg;
  • Business Class — 2 pieces weighing up to 32 kg.

Excess baggage

Baggage that exceeds the allowance is paid additionally at special rates. The cost of excess baggage depends on the flight direction.

Flight check-in with Austrian Airlines

Check-in for Austrian Airlines flights opens 47 hours and ends 3 hours before the start of the journey. Online check-in can be done on the airline's website or by using a special application. After checking-in, you should save your boarding pass. Online check-in will allow you to save your boarding pass time and pay for some services: seats at the beginning of the cabin or in the emergency row, extra luggage, meals.

Menus on board of Austrian Airlines

On the company's website, passengers with particular food preferences can pre-order special in-flight meals. Austrian Airlines offers a wide range of special menus: children's, fish, religious, diabetic, low-calorie, gluten-free. The full list of special meals can be found on request on the company's website. Pre-order must be made at least 24 hours before the flight.

Flying with children with Austrian Airlines

It is necessary to familiarize in advance with the rules of flying with children on board the airline and take care of everything beforehand. The company pays special attention to small passengers by offering free meals on board, coloring books, and a set of pencils. On long-haul flights, children can enjoy an entertainment program with a huge collection of favorite cartoons, movies, and games.

Loyalty Program in Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines is part of the largest loyalty program for Miles & More passengers. Customers who join the program earn bonus points using the services of 26 airlines. Bonus miles can then be redeemed for prizes, award tickets, and service upgrades during your journey. The Miles & More card allows you to enjoy the privileges of the member of the program: to visit lounges all over the world during the trip, to get on board the liner at priority boarding.

Austrian Airlines

Address: Office Park 2, PO Box 1, Vienna-Airport, 1300 Vienna, Austria.

Alliance: Star Alliance.

Phone number: +43 1 70148 1000

IATA code: OS

Aircraft fleet: 83



How to book an airline ticket for Austrian Airlines?

You can buy a ticket for Austrian Airlines on our website by filling out the online form.

How many countries do Austrian Airlines airplanes fly to?

Austrian Airlines performs flights to 2 countries.

Which flight directions does Austrian Airlines serve?

Austrian Airlines airplanes take passengers to many cities around the world, including London, Vienna, Amsterdam, Cairo, Tirana, Dubai, Paris, Skopje, and others.

What is the most frequent destination for Austrian Airlines planes?

The aircraft of Austrian Airlines most often perform Paris - Vienna, London - New York, Frankfurt - Vienna flights.

Who can I address in case my luggage is lost or damaged by Austrian Airlines?

You must immediately contact the baggage search service at the airport of arrival (LOST & FOUND / Passenger Service).

Is it cheaper to buy air tickets for Austrian Airlines flights at the airport?

No, tickets at the airport are always more expensive. Online booking of flight tickets will help you save money because Planet of Hotels offers various discounts when buying tickets. Besides, using the Planet of Hotels system, you can search for tickets from among all airlines, thus getting the most favorable offer.