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In June 2019, Red Wings celebrated its twentieth anniversary. When it comes to the flights arranged by this airline, more than 80% of them belong to the group of charter flights. Its main transport hub is located at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, which is the base for over 160 regular and unique flights. Stability and dynamic development have helped the company to enter the list of TOP-10 air carriers of the Russian Federation. The main principles of Red Wings Airlines are the highest quality of provided services and flight safety. The airline operates charter flights to popular tourist destinations, such as Mediterranean resorts in Turkey, Spain, and Italy, as well as the Red Sea coast of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

Red Wings fleet

Nowadays, the airline operates 14 comfortable liners. Red Wings aircraft are tremendously popular for spacious cabins and ample rows spacing. You can buy a ticket for Red Wings Airlines on

Red Wings travel classes

On the airline's flights, people can only use the economy travel class. The services provided on board depend on the selected fare. In turn, each of the three fares has significant differences.

  • The Light fare has strict restrictions — the ticket is non-refundable; a fee is charged for changing the date, choosing a seat in the cabin, and carrying baggage.
  • The Standard fare is more flexible than Light fare. For example, you can get a refund for an unused ticket, whereas the date change is possible with a penalty. The purchased ticket includes carry-on baggage and checked-in baggage.
  • The Base fare includes an increased baggage allowance and free choice of enhanced comfort seats in the aircraft cabin. Additionally, if you select this fare, you have the opportunity to return and exchange tickets without additional losses.

Baggage and carry-on baggage

The allowance for checked-in baggage and carry-on baggage on airline flights depends on the type of selected fare.

Carry-on baggage:

  • Light fare — one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 5 kg is free of charge (the sum of three dimensions must not exceed 20 x 30 x 40 cm);
  • Standard fare — the price includes one piece of carry-on baggage up to 5 kg, measuring 20 x 40 x 55 cm;
  • Base fare — one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 10 kg measuring 20 x 40 x 55 cm.

Checked-in baggage:

  • Light fare — baggage is not included;
  • Standard fare — one piece of baggage up to 23 kg is included (the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 115 cm);
  • Base fare — 2 bags up to 23 kg each are allowed free of charge.

Red Wings check-in

The airline's website opens online check-in for flights 24 hours prior to the departure time. In turn, it ends 3 hours before the flight. If passengers print the boarding pass themselves, they have the opportunity to immediately proceed to boarding (they don’t have to spend time near the check-in counter). The airport check-in counter closes 30 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Menus on board

On flights up to 4 hours, meals are not provided; flight attendants serve soft drinks, coffee, and tea. On long flights, hot meals, pastries, vegetable dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks are provided. There is no pre-order for a special menu on Red Wings Airlines flights.

Red Wings flying with children

For infants, the airline provides a 90% discount, whereas children from 2 to 12 years old receive a 75% discount for the ticket. Upon prior request, Red Wings Airlines provides an escort service for children 2-12 years old traveling without an adult. In fact, a small passenger is under the care of an airline representative from the moment of check-in at the airport until arrival at the final destination.

Red Wings

Address: 19 Zavodskoye Shosse, Moscow, Russia, 119027

Phone number: +7 (495) 212-12-51

IATA code: WZ

Aircraft fleet: 14



How to book an airline ticket for Red Wings?

You can buy a ticket for Red Wings on our website by filling out the online form.

How many countries do Red Wings airplanes fly to?

Red Wings performs flights to 123 countries.

Which flight directions does Red Wings serve?

Red Wings airplanes take passengers to many cities around the world, including Simferopol, Antalya, Ekaterinburg, Moscow, Yerevan, Tivat, Istanbul, Dubai, and others.

What is the most frequent destination for Red Wings planes?

The aircraft of Red Wings most often perform Moscow - Antalya, St Petersburg - Simferopol, Ekaterinburg - Moscow flights.

Who can I address in case my luggage is lost or damaged by Red Wings?

You must immediately contact the baggage search service at the airport of arrival (LOST & FOUND / Passenger Service).

Is it cheaper to buy air tickets for Red Wings flights at the airport?

No, tickets at the airport are always more expensive. Online booking of flight tickets will help you save money because Planet of Hotels offers various discounts when buying tickets. Besides, using the Planet of Hotels system, you can search for tickets from among all airlines, thus getting the most favorable offer.