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Until 2005, S7 Airlines was called "Sibir." Today it is the largest air carrier of the Russian Federation, occupying the third place by volumes. The main transportation hub is Tolmachevo Airport in Novosibirsk. Regular flights are operated to 26 countries of the world to 180 destinations, more than 140 of which are cities of the Russian Federation. Since 2010, the airline has been a member of the major international aviation union Oneworld, thus confirming the high level of service and international standards. According to the authoritative environmental agency Atmosfrair, S7 Airlines entered the TOP-20 of the most environmentally friendly air carriers.

S7 Airlines Fleet

The airline uses advance and modified planes. The air fleet consists of over 100 aircraft. Year after year, the fleet is being renewed. The main task of the company is the safety and comfort of passengers during their journey.

Travel Classes of S7 Airlines

There are two travel classes on board: Economy Class and Business Class.

Economy Class

A two-tier fare system has been developed for Economy Class passengers:

  • Basic Economy — only hand luggage can be carried. This allows passengers to proceed to the customs checkpoint without going to the check-in counters. The fare has strict restrictions: refund of the ticket and no changes are possible;
  • Economy Flex includes carry-only hand baggage, one baggage item, and a seat selection in the cabin. In case of need, the passenger can make a change: rebook the departure date with no extra fees, return the paid ticket with minimum loss.

Business Class

Business Class customers benefit from priority boarding, faster processing of airport formalities, access to business lounges, and a high level of service during the flight. The Business Class passenger seat is 89 cm wide, and the seat angle is set to a comfortable position at the customer's request. The cabin is located at the front part of the plane and has a separate bathroom. Passengers receive individual travel kits, plaids, and a pillow. During the flight, flight attendants offer a wide variety of drinks and meals.

Baggage and carry-on baggage in S7 Airlines

The number of carry-on baggage items, weight, and baggage allowance on airline flights depend on the travel class and fare paid.

Carry-on baggage:

  • Economy Class Basic fare — one piece of hand luggage up to 10 kg is allowed;
  • Economy Class Flex fare — one piece of baggage up to 10 kg;
  • Business Class - one piece of baggage weighing up to 15 kg, with a size of 118 cm.

Checked-in baggage:

  • Economy Class Basic Fare — the fare is chargeable;
  • Economy Class Flex Fare — one piece up to 20 kg is included in the price;
  • Business Class Fare — two pieces of luggage, each weighing up to 32 kg.

Extra/Excess Baggage

When you have purchased a ticket and need to carry an extra piece of luggage, you can do so through the airline's website or via an agent, service provider. The fares for excess baggage are published on the airline's website.

Sports baggage

S7 Airlines allows sports equipment and ammunition in the luggage compartment: ski equipment, bicycle, surfboard, diving, and fishing equipment. Passengers must inform the airline in advance of their plans. If the sports equipment exceeds the weight of the main luggage, an additional fee will be charged.

Flight Check-in with S7 Airlines

No airport check-in fee is charged for S7 Airlines flights. Online check-in opens 30 hours before a flight on the company's website and closes 45 minutes before a departure. Online check-in and your boarding pass will significantly save time on passing airport formalities.

Menus on board of S7 Airlines

On flights that last less than two hours, passengers are offered drinks. On longer trips, drinks and snacks are available. On long-haul flights (over 5 hours), flight attendants offer hot and cold beverages, snacks, and sandwiches. The airline has developed special meals for passengers with particular requirements: diet, low-calorie, Muslim, oriental, children's, fish, and vegetarian. You should order the special menu no later than 24 hours before a departure on the airline's website or contact the agency where the ticket was purchased.

Flying with children with S7 Airlines

Children under two years old should travel in the arms of one of their parents. Passengers aged from 2 to 12 years old receive a 25% discount on the ticket price and a separate seat in the cabin next to their parents. Many Russian airports, such as Moscow's Domodedovo, have separate check-in counters for flights. Passengers traveling with children are allowed to take extra items on board: a plaid, baby food, a folding stroller, toys, diapers. There are changing tables in the dressing rooms on board. During the flight, children will be offered entertainment games, coloring books, and bright picture books. Parents can order children's meals in advance. S7 Airlines employees and the flight attendants' team will do their best to make the flight of little passengers a real adventure.

Loyalty Program with S7 Airlines

The S7 Priority program is designed for frequent flyers. Customers, members of the program, accumulate award miles, which can be later used to enhance service, upgrade travel class, use car and hotel rental services.

S7 Airlines

Address: JSC S7 Airlines, Ob-4, Novosibirsk Region, 633104, Russia

Alliance: OneWorld.

Phone number: +7 (495) 783-07-07

IATA code: S7

Aircraft fleet: 101



How to book an airline ticket for S7 Airlines?

You can buy a ticket for S7 Airlines on our website by filling out the online form.

How many countries do S7 Airlines airplanes fly to?

S7 Airlines performs flights to 1 country.

Which flight directions does S7 Airlines serve?

S7 Airlines airplanes take passengers to many cities around the world, including Moscow, Tashkent, St Petersburg, Simferopol, Yerevan, Beijing, and others.

What is the most frequent destination for S7 Airlines planes?

The aircraft of S7 Airlines most often perform Novosibirsk - Simferopol, St Petersburg - Simferopol, Moscow - Simferopol flights.

Who can I address in case my luggage is lost or damaged by S7 Airlines?

You must immediately contact the baggage search service at the airport of arrival (LOST & FOUND / Passenger Service).

Is it cheaper to buy air tickets for S7 Airlines flights at the airport?

No, tickets at the airport are always more expensive. Online booking of flight tickets will help you save money because Planet of Hotels offers various discounts when buying tickets. Besides, using the Planet of Hotels system, you can search for tickets from among all airlines, thus getting the most favorable offer.