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Cheapest Flights to Gran Canaria

Do you want to buy a flight ticket to Gran Canaria and are looking for good deals? Use the Planet of Hotels service, which finds and compares all possible options, helping you to choose a ticket at an affordable price from leading airways and low-cost companies. On our website, you can easily find a flight ticket to Gran Canaria and save money. Our system searches and analyzes direct and connecting flights, offering tickets to Gran Canaria at minimum fares. All you have to do is choose the best deal that suits you.

Briefly About Flights to Gran Canaria

The city has 1 airport: Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA). 

From March to April, the ticket price is lower. But do not forget that weather conditions during this period can cause disruptions in flight schedules and ruin your travel plans. The minimum price during this period is $359. January, February, September are the most attractive for a visit — the passenger flow is at maximum, but the airfare is much higher. 

TAP (TP), Iberia (IB), Alaska Airlines (AS), Frontier Airlines (F9), Austrian Airlines (OS), United (UA), KLM (KL), Royal Air Maroc (AT) and a few low-cost companies offer the lowest fares and most convenient flights. According to the statistics of our service, January, February, September, as well as Christmas and New Year's Eve dates are the most popular among users. The average price for a flight during these periods is $1,494.

Finding Flight Tickets to Gran Canaria

  1. Choose the city from which you plan to start your travel.
  2. Select an arrival destination (we recommend choosing a city rather than an airport; in this case, the system will offer more options).
  3. Determine the desired departure date or a range (you can search for round-trip tickets to Gran Canaria or only one-way flights).
  4. Select the number of passengers (if you are planning a flight with children, you must specify the number and age of passengers at the time of departure).
  5. Determine the desired travel class (economy, premium economy, business, first).
  6. Click the search button, and our system will find tickets to Gran Canaria.

What Does the Price of Flight Tickets to Gran Canaria Depend on?

  • The choice of the airline is the key factor in forming the ticket price. Budget carriers offer the most affordable deals and discounts on airline tickets to Gran Canaria.
  • It is more cost-effective to book round-trip tickets to Gran Canaria. This fare will be more favorable than two separate one-way tickets. It is more efficient to buy a one-way ticket for low-cost flights.  
  • A trip to Gran Canaria with carry-on luggage will be the most budget option.
  • During the daytime and after 23:00, the load on the search system is lower. At this time of day, it is possible to book tickets to Gran Canaria at a lower price.
  • The search system often offers cheap tickets to Gran Canaria for connecting flights. 
  • The most reliable way to book a flight ticket to Gran Canaria at the minimum fare is to do it in advance. When booking a ticket 1 day before a departure, you can save a lot of money.
  • The price of tickets to Gran Canaria also depends on the day of the week. It is advantageous to plan a trip in the middle of the week. Most people travel on weekends, so the demand for tickets on Sunday, Monday, Saturday is maximum, and the cost will be higher than on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • Flights at night or early in the morning are usually cheaper.
  • The cheapest tickets to Gran Canaria are in the period from March to April. The highest fares for the flight are in January, February, September, and on New Year's dates.

Flights costs to Gran Canaria

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Th, 16 Sep
Flight time - 9 h 52 min
Connecting flights
9 h 52 min
Th, 16 Sep
Gran Canaria Las Palmas
We, 22 Sep
Gran Canaria Las Palmas
Flight time - 10 h 39 min
Connecting flights
10 h 39 min
We, 22 Sep
from $883

Price for 1 passenger

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Cheap airline tickets to Gran Canaria

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Albany -

Gran Canaria

Th, 16 Sep. - We, 22 Sep.

Gran Canaria airports

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Flight schedules to Gran Canaria

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Albany — Gran Canaria








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How many airports are there in Gran Canaria?

The number of airports in Gran Canaria — 1 - Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA).

Which airlines operate direct flights to Gran Canaria?

Direct flights to Gran Canaria are performed by 0 airlines: .

What month is the cheapest to book a ticket to Gran Canaria?

The cheapest month for flying to Gran Canaria is November.

Which flights to Gran Canaria are the cheapest?

The cheapest flights to Gran Canaria are Washington Dulles → Gran Canaria ($359), Baltimore Washington International → Gran Canaria ($567), Billings → Gran Canaria ($858), Colorado Springs Peterson Field → Gran Canaria ($876), Asheville → Gran Canaria ($1,043).

How many days before a departure will the tickets to Gran Canaria be the cheapest?

As a rule, you can buy cheap tickets to Gran Canaria 1 day before departure.

On what day of the week is it the cheapest to fly to Gran Canaria?

The most beneficial day for flying to Gran Canaria is Thursday. The most expensive day is Sunday.

How much does a ticket to Gran Canaria cost?

Airplane ticket prices to Gran Canaria start at $359.

Which airport is more convenient to fly to in Gran Canaria?

The distance from the city center to the airport is Gran Canaria Las Palmas - 24.39 km.

How many airlines perform flights to Gran Canaria?

Airplanes of 8 airlines from 9 airports fly to Gran Canaria.

Which airlines operate flights to Gran Canaria?

Airplanes of Iberia (IB), United (UA) are the most frequent ones flying to Gran Canaria.

How many direct flights are performed to Gran Canaria?

Every week, there are 0 direct flights to Gran Canaria.

From which cities are the most frequent flights to Gran Canaria?

The most popular flights to Gran Canaria are from Washington, Knoxville, Billings, Colorado Springs, Asheville.

How long does a flight to Gran Canaria last?

The flight duration depends on the departure airport. Here are some examples of flight durations on the most popular destinations: Washington - Gran Canaria: 10 h 18 min, Knoxville - Gran Canaria: 11 h 29 min, Billings - Gran Canaria: 14 h 27 min, Colorado Springs - Gran Canaria: 14 h 28 min, Asheville - Gran Canaria: 11 h 17 min

With which cities does Gran Canaria have direct flight connections?

Direct flights are available from Gran Canaria to .

Hotels in Gran Canaria

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from $121
Canteras 38
from $95
Balcony above the Sea -2I By CanariasGetaway
from $105
Seaview Canteras
from $77
Deluxe al lado del mar By CanariasGetaway
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