Discover Mendoza
The city of the sun at the foot of the Andes

The world-renowned center of Argentine wine and excellent olive oil


Mendoza is located in the west of Argentina, at the foot of the Andes in the valley of La Rioja. The city is a paradise for wine lovers and has an ideal climate for growing grapes, especially malbec. That's why Mendoza got another name — " The City of Sun and Good Wine". The surrounding area is droughty, while the city is incredibly green, with many trees. That's why it's often called the Oasis in the Desert. Settlement on these lands was formed in the XVI century, but a major earthquake in the XIX century left only a small part of the colonial period buildings. It is worth visiting five famous squares: Spain, Chile, Italy, Jose de San Martin, Independence. It is convenient to get from Mendoza to Las Lenas, the most advanced skiing resort in the country. The city is located near the border with Chile, and tourists come here dreaming of seeing the highest mountain in South America — Aconcagua, 6962 meters high.

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