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Armenia is Transcaucasia located in the north-east of the Armenian Highland, in the north of West Asia, between the Black and Caspian Seas. Still, it has no access to the sea. But there are more than a hundred lakes here, the biggest of which is Sevan. Armenia is neighboring with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, and Georgia. From the north and east, it is protected by the ridges of the Lesser Caucasus. The majority of the country's territory is mountains. The highest point of Armenia is Mount Aragats, which is 4095 m high.

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The center of ancient wisdom, pride, and beauty

The opportunity to see one of the world's oldest civilizations year after year attracts thousands of tourists to Armenia. Each of its cities is filled with its unique charm. The local roads leave much to be desired, and the residents will sometimes speak only Armenian, but these small difficulties only emphasize the local color and identity. 


The capital of Armenia is Yerevan, a delightful city, one of the brightest and most charming in Europe. It spreads out in the middle of the Ararat plain. As the houses are made of amazing pink tuff, it is called a pink city and looks exceptionally beautiful at sunset. Yerevan amazingly harmoniously combines modern skyscrapers and small old houses — architectural monuments of Armenian architecture. The Haghtanak Bridge, which is built over the Hrazdan River, offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The region has the ruins of the Urartian Erebuni Fortress and Teishebaini town. The monasteries and temples of the capital start their chronicle in the XV century, and the Yerevan Cathedral is the most majestic of them. The residents of the capital are rightly proud of the fact that the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts is located in Yerevan. It is one of the largest repositories of this kind in the world. A museum has been opened at the Institute, which is visited by about 50 thousand people a year. The market in Yerevan is another bright and very atmospheric place. Carpets, which are the national pride of Armenians, deserve special attention. Yerevan has many great jazz clubs and trendy cafes, picturesque parks, waterfalls, and lakes. 


Etchmiadzin, the spiritual capital of Armenia and a place of pilgrimage for Christians, is located 20 km from Yerevan. The residence of the Catholicos, Etchmiadzin Cathedral, which is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage, the churches of Saint Hripsime, Gayane, and Shoghakat are located here. Armenia was the first state to proclaim Christianity as its official religion in 301. The Echmiadzin Historical and Ethnographic Museum houses the most significant Christian relics: a piece of the cross on which Jesus was crucified and a fragment of Noah's Ark. This small town is of key importance to the whole Christian world.


Gyumri is considered the cultural center of Armenia. The first settlements on its territory appeared even before our era. The city was severely damaged by an earthquake in 1988. Many sights were destroyed or damaged, and the process of their restoration is still in process. There are many museums dedicated to local artists and poets, drama and puppet theaters, an art gallery, parks with lakes, and picturesque landscapes. Mother Armenia monument takes a special place among the local attractions. It is clearly visible from almost anywhere in the city. Nearby, you can find another attraction — the Black Sentry (Sev Ghul), which offers a magnificent view of the town.


Sevan is the most favorite resort in sunny Armenia. The town is located on the shore of the lake of the same name with beautiful and well-groomed beaches. This area has a special microclimate, clean air, and transparent blue water, which is heated in summer to +24 ° C. The lake has a volcanic origin and is the biggest freshwater body of the country. Here you can go yachting, catamaran riding, water skiing, or surfing. One can go fishing in the lake, while the lovers of antiquities can visit Sevanavank Monastery. Fans of tasty and exquisite food should try baked Sevan trout and kebab made of crayfish necks.


Dilijan is a paradise place surrounded by Dilijan National Park. Everything is beautiful here: air, nature, landscapes. This climatic and balneological mountain resort attracts tourists all year round. The composition of the mineral water in Dilijan is similar to that of Borjomi and Vichy. Thanks to the unique combination of climate and beneficial substances in the water, Dilijan is one of the best places for people with respiratory diseases. Besides the healing effect on the organism, here you can also be culturally enriched by visiting ancient Haghartsin and Goshavank monasteries, as well as the Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan. 


Tsaghkadzor is located in a beautiful valley at the foot of Mount Teghenis. It is a dynamic ski resort, where new hotels are opened every year. Unique climatic conditions allow not only excellent skiing or snowboarding opportunities but also a chance to improve your health. The air is saturated with essential oils of pine trees, which increases the hemoglobin level in the blood and has a favorable effect on the overall work of the whole organism. On bright days, there is a beautiful view of Lake Sevan and Biblical Ararat.

National peculiarities

The Armenian people had suffered many tragedies, oppressions, genocides, but they were able to preserve their faith and survive with dignity. All this had a certain impact on the character of the local population. When coming to Armenia, as to any other country, one should respect and pay attention to the national traditions and customs, which will make your rest even more comfortable. 

  • Pride for their country is a bright feature of the Armenian people's character.
  • Family traditions, respect for women, and adults are the most important priorities.
  • It is the sacred duty of every Armenian to welcome the guest, to feed, and warm them up.
  • Communication with the locals will always be cheerful and relaxed. These people have an excellent sense of humor.
  • Armenia is rightly considered to be one of the safest countries for recreation, as evidenced by various tourism ratings and surveys. 

All these peculiarities will make your stay in Armenia pleasant and leave the warmest memories.

The best time to visit Armenia

Armenia has a dry moderate-continental climate, but there is a subtropical climate in the south. It is a very sunny country! It is rather hot in summer — the air warms up + 26 °С. The average temperature in winter is -5 °С. In different parts of the country, the temperature can vary considerably. Sometime, the temperature may range by 3-4 °С even within the limits of one city. It is connected with mountainous areas and the variability of falling precipitation. Snow lies on the mountain peaks almost all year round. The skiing season lasts from November to April.

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