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Perth is the fourth most populous city in Australia. More than two million people live there, which is about 75% of the population of the entire state of Western Australia. Perth is the most international city in the country. In addition to Australians, English, Irish, Scots, Italians, and other East Europeans live here. Besides, the city has a large number of Chinese, Malays, New Zealanders, and Indians.


Australian aborigines, the Noongar, had lived in these lands for thousands of years before the arrival of white people. Europeans saw the west coast of Australia in 1619 but could not land because of bad weather. For the first time, a white man set foot on this land only in 1697. But even then, the Dutch travelers decided that the conditions in these places are not convenient for settlements. In subsequent years, Europeans have repeatedly attempted to develop the territory, but the first permanent settlement appeared only in 1829. Its founder was British captain John Sterling. The colony, which settled on the Swan River, was similarly named Swan River.

Over time, one of the settlements of the colony became the city of Perth. The other, nearby, was named Fremantle and became a port (today, it is a satellite city of Perth). Interestingly, the first capital building erected in Fremantle in 1830 was the prison, the Roundhouse. It is still preserved in its original form.

In 1854, only 4,000 people lived in Perth. And at the end of the XIX century, there was a rapid growth of both Perth and the whole colony. It was connected with the discovery of gold deposits northeast of the city. Then rich deposits of other minerals (diamonds, iron ore, bauxite, oil) were found in Western Australia.

Nowadays, due to their extraction and processing, the state and its capital are prospering. At the same time, Perth is the cultural, educational, financial, and tourist center in Western Australia.

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The best time to visit Perth

The city is located in the southern hemisphere. That's why December, January, and February are the summer months and the hottest. March is a little cooler. The average daily temperature in February is +31°C, but sometimes the temperature during the summer months is above +40°C. It is worth noting that the weather in Perth is very dependent on wind direction. While it blows from the east, from the red-hot desert, the city is stiflingly hot. On the other hand, a westerly breeze brings a chill, and the temperature can drop drastically (sometimes by 10°C) in a couple of hours. There isn't much precipitation in summer, but enough to keep the city surrounded by lush vegetation.

In winter (June, July, August), it is cool, about +19°C during the day and about +8°C at night. The temperature drops to 0°C very rarely. It is in the winter months have the largest amount of precipitation.

The water temperature along the coast ranges from +18-19°C in July-October to +23°C in January and February. Moreover, Perth is a very sunny city. During the year, it accumulates up to 3,000 hours of sunshine.

Perhaps the best time to travel is in spring and early summer (September to December). By the way, in September and October, most of the plants are in bloom here.

On January 26, Perth, like other cities and towns in the country, celebrates Australia Day.

The Perth International Arts Festival runs from February to March. There's a wide variety of genres to choose from — artists, performers, and writers.

In September, the largest flower show in the country takes place in the Royal Park. It is accompanied by musical performances and a rich entertainment program.

Things to do in Perth

  • Take a walk in Royal Park. It is huge. It is the largest park in the world, located in the city limits. Its area is 4 km². It has both flower beds and natural vegetation from all over Australia. If you do not count the Botanical Garden, which is located on the park's territory, there are 300 different plants. The Botanical Garden has 12,000 of them! Part of the park is located on Mount Eliza Hill, which offers a good view of the city and the Swan River.
  • Listen to the musical tones of the world's most imaginative bell tower, the Swan Tower. The 12 ancient bells were a gift to Perth from the Church of England. The Australians added six more to the bells and framed the ensemble within an 82.5-meter high tower. This amazing architectural construction resembles a spaceship or a mast with two sails. In addition to the belfry itself, the Swan Tower houses a collection of optical instruments and antique clocks.
  • Get your picture taken with a cute koala. You can easily do this by visiting the Kounou Koala Park. It is located 20 km from the center of Perth. Here you are allowed to pick up the koalas, feed, and pet them. Visitors in the park have the opportunity to get acquainted with other representatives of the animal world of Australia — large kangaroos and galloping wallabies, deer and emu ostriches, parrots, kookaburras.
  • Explore the huge collection at the Museum of Western Australia. The number of exhibits exceeds four million! There are samples of flora and fauna of the region, skeletons of prehistoric lizards, exhibits related to the culture of Australian Aborigines. There is also a display reflecting the history of Perth.
  • Feel like a human being traveling on the bottom of the ocean. It is possible if you visit the Aquarium of Western Australia. Its inhabitants are representatives of the underwater kingdom of the continent's coastline. Cuttlefish, jellyfish, octopuses, sharks, rays, turtles, seahorses — there are thousands of them! And all of them are swimming around the visitors and above their heads. In some aquariums, you can even walk between the corals in a special scuba diving costume and observe the life of the underwater kingdom from within.
  • Get a taste of the city's nightlife. There are plenty of clubs, bars, and dancefloors to suit all budgets and tastes. But the highest concentration of nightspots is in Northbridge.
  • Enjoy cozy beaches and the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean. There are plenty of beaches in Perth. Some are great for relaxing with kids, while others appeal to surfers. And nice beaches are not only in the city itself but also on the nearby islands. In addition, you can make friends with the local residents. For example, with cute quokkas, pygmy penguins, and pelicans.

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