Mozart's birthplace

Mozart's birthplace

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Salzburg. The magnificent Austrian city has always attracted many tourists and visitors interested not only in its charming beauty but also in its history. Salzburg's sights conceal a lot of interesting things, and probably many people know that the famous composer Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was born and spent his teenage years here.

Keeping the memory alive

The Mozart House, located on Makartplatz Square, is of particular interest to classical music lovers. The composer's family moved here in 1773, where he lived for three years. It was here that he wrote his symphonies, masses, serenades, concertos for piano and violin, works of church music, and a concerto for bassoon. The apartment was quite spacious, and the composer's friends and colleagues often gathered there, including the famous actor Emanuel Schikaneder. Apart from everything else, it was in this house that Mozart composed the introduction to his opera The Imaginary Gardener.

But little remains of the house that remembered Mozart himself today. During the war, in 1944, the main part of the building was destroyed by American aircraft, and only the part where the dance class was located survived. Historians claim that it was the composer who played his works. Subsequently, the great composer's house was built around the dance hall, which housed his museum.

Interior of the Mozart Gebursthaus
Mozart Gebursthaus © posztos / Shutterstock

Wealth is not in numbers

The museum has a small but very interesting collection, which is entirely devoted to the life and work of the famous composer and the entire development of music in Salzburg.

The exhibit includes authentic musical instruments and interior furnishings of the time, as well as the personal belongings of Mozart and his family. Despite its small size by museum standards, you can tell family and friends after visiting this building that you were in Mozart's house himself.

However, you can also find other apartments that once belonged to the composer's family among the sights in Austria. According to historians, he loved to travel and often changed his place of residence. Music lovers should also visit the Trick Fountains in Hellbrunn Palace, where the sounds of organ music accompany a water show.

Exoponats at the Mozart museum
House of Mozart © posztos / Shutterstock

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