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The sights in Vienna are truly magnificent and grandiose but it is possible to say that the Hofburg surpassed all of them. The palace complex of Hofburg was being built for many centuries. In that form, as the guests of Vienna and the city residents see it today, the Hofburg was created not at once.

Because of this reason, historians call the Vienna residence as a valuable collection of various architectural ensembles, which were made by the best masters from 18th-19th centuries. To evaluate all the details of the palace more fully, book a hotel in Vienna beforehand and plan your vacation in the city.

Palace Complex is a True Architectural “Conglomerate”

In various epochs, the Vienna residence and the court of the House of Habsburg, and a little later the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian empire, were located here. Oftentimes, the architectural ensembles of the palace are compared with the greatest empire of Habsburgs. Here the lush palaces with magnificent decoration alternate with each other, as well as the empire itself united into one, although not a fragile union, the most diverse European nations.

Vienna Hofburg Palace at night with clouds
Vienna Hofburg Palace © TTstudio / Shutterstock

Priceless Treasury of the Nation

A lot of masterpieces and treasures took their place within the walls of the Habsburg residence, starting from the feather laces of the Aztec ruler Moctezuma and ending with the Beethoven’s fortepiano.

Some buildings are served as the government offices now, while the others house gorgeous museums within their walls, which are open for everyone. The museums tell the history of the country, so the visitors can learn the life and traditions that prevailed here under the House of Habsburg. The richest exhibits of the family are shown here.

Crown and scepter
Priceless Treasury of the Nation © Rostislav Ageev / Shutterstock

Hofburg is Open for Visits

The most ancient part of the huge residence is the Swiss Wing. The Hofburg became a permanent residence only in 1533 when Ferdinand I ruled the country. The giant stoves are still situated in the rooms, they heated the huge complex at that times. The guests of the palace can also visit and observe the bedroom of the Kaiser Franz Joseph, as well as the magnificent dining hall.

The complicated figures of the Lipizzan horses fascinate the visitors in the Spanish riding school. Moreover, the riders also demonstrate their considerable abilities. The doors of the Imperial Treasury Museum are also open for visitors, where the priceless exhibits of various centuries are kept. A separate room is reserved for the Burgundian Treasury.

Visitors at Hofburg Palace
The Hofburg Palace © Minoli / Shutterstock

The landmarks of Austria are truly magnificent that is why you should definitely visit the Belvedere and the famous Vienna State Opera.

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