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10 best ski and snowboard tracking apps

Skiing and snowboarding
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Are you planning a bright winter weekend at the ski resort? Then you need to consider a few important nuances beforehand. First is preparing special clothes, second is stocking up with energy and a good mood to conquer new peaks, and third is downloading useful skiing apps in advance, which will make this adventure comfortable and safe. We offer a selection of the best mobile services for professionals and beginners. With their help, you can keep track of your sports performance, build routes, track your progress, acquire new skills, and keep up to date with all the great deals on vacation.

Ski Tracks

The Ski Tracks app is a favorite ski tracker for many athletes. With its help, you can record all the most important indicators: speed, number of descents, distance, vertical kilometers, and skiing time. In addition, training tracking is done without connecting to the Internet. Special battery-saving technology makes it easy to record activity throughout the day. At the end of the ride, the app will generate detailed statistics to help track your progress. You can share your results with millions of other Ski Tracks users if you want.

onX Backcountry Ski Maps

The onX Backcountry Ski Maps app is a trail planning expert. No matter what adventures await you on the snowy slopes, this service helps ensure reliable navigation, finding the best hiking trails, and safe recreational areas. The app provides a full-featured GPS navigation system with location tracking. It offers topographic and satellite maps, clearly laid out ski routes, weather forecasts, and lots of useful information.


If you are looking for a skiing app that combines many different features, check out Snoww. A young athlete created it to track his own progress. At first, the tracker was quite primitive, but over time, the developers added a social network with user ratings and a leaderboard, as well as the ability to post photos, unlock exclusive trophies, keep track of your top speed, distance, and vertical kilometers. Snoww offers users offline data tracking and handy riding stats that are always at their fingertips.


Another useful app for snowboarding and skiing is Slopes. The free version automatically tracks all the necessary statistics: the number of ascents and descents, elevation differences, speed, distance, and other indicators. You can compare the data with your previous results and the achievements of other users. In addition, the app reports on the weather conditions at the resort in real-time. By purchasing an annual subscription or a daily subscription, you additionally get access to 3D maps and the ability to monitor indicators such as heart rate and calories burned.


The popular free Fatmap app is designed for detailed terrain analysis and is definitely useful for fans of all mountain sports. With its help, it is possible to study all the tracking and ski routes of the selected region in detail. On convenient three-dimensional maps, users can see the exposure of slopes and trails, satellite images of the terrain, the steepest and most dangerous areas, as well as descents with the same height. In addition, Fatmap calculates the risk of avalanche and weather conditions on the trail. The app covers the mountainous regions of Europe, America, and Canada.

Carv Digital Ski Coach

Use the Carv Digital Ski Coach app to improve your skiing technique. By connecting it to the special smart ski boots, the user gets a complete analysis of their skiing skills. Sensors record all the movements during skiing to detect the smallest mistakes and give important tips. The app features real-time audio coaching, interactive exercises, and helpful instructional videos developed by top coaches. With Carv Digital Ski Coach, it's easy to track different activity metrics — maximum and average speed, distance, and more, even if you don't have special insoles. You can compare your results with the athletes on the leaderboard.

OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report

An equally useful service is OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report. It generates detailed daily reports on slope weather conditions and covers more than 2,000 ski resorts around the world. You can use it to find out if there is snowfall in the specified area and self-evaluate the weather in real-time using online webcams. In addition, route maps and precipitation statistics are available in the app. The user can also receive regular notifications about which ski areas are currently the most suitable conditions for skiing or snowboarding.


The Cairn app is another indispensable service for skiers and snowboarders. It informs users about which areas of the resort have a mobile connection and also allows them to share the plan of their upcoming route with friends. If skiing takes longer than the specified time, loved ones will be notified of your whereabouts at the moment. In addition, with Cairn, you can calculate in advance the timing of different routes, use maps even without the Internet, and, if necessary, get vital advice and emergency numbers.


The Riders skiing app is a reliable assistant in learning new sporting skills. Thanks to detailed videos and step-by-step instructions from professionals, everyone can learn tricks, post reports on their results online, and get feedback from other users. The training plan is easy to adapt to your level, and in the process, you can monitor your personal progress. The app will be useful for both beginners and experienced athletes. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can learn other sports in Riders. Also, anyone can find a personal trainer here and train with them online.


Having installed all the necessary ski trackers and safety applications, pay attention to the Liftopia web service. With its help, you will get access to great deals and various discounts, which will not interfere with everyone on vacation. You can buy ski passes, rent sports equipment, and use different kinds of services related to skiing at a low price on the website. The user only needs to specify the region and the date of the trip to get up-to-date information.