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Up to 3,500 spectators will be allowed at Eurovision 2021

Scene with the Eurovision logo during Eurovision 2020 from Ukraine
© Review News / Shutterstock

International Song Contest Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam this year from May 18 to 22. The Dutch authorities have decided to allow no more than 3,500 guests into the auditorium, about half of the expected number. They will only be able to attend six rehearsals, two semifinals, and the final.

Spectators will have to meet several conditions and adhere to established safety rules to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Each attendee must provide a negative Coronavirus test obtained at least 24 hours before the event and must be re-tested free of charge during the following days of the contest. Another mandatory requirement for guests is to maintain a mask regime and social distance at all times.

Eurovision 2020, which was to be held in Rotterdam from May 12 to 16, was canceled because of the Coronavirus. This year, tickets to the contest will be offered to those who bought them for last year's event. They will go on sale on May 8.