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19 best secluded and hidden beaches in the world

Coromandel in New Zealand
© cb_travel / Shutterstock

Dreaming of finding a beach where you can enjoy the breeze and sunsets in a peaceful atmosphere? There are still resorts in the world with hidden beaches and untouched corners of picturesque shores. In this publication, we offer to get acquainted with the list of the best secret places for a beach holiday. Not all of them are suitable for snorkeling or relaxing in a lounge chair, but each has something to surprise you. Some guarantee bright emotions from meetings with wild animals, while others are quite unpredictable.

Hulopoe Bay, Hawaii, USA

Hawaii has the best secret beach that tourists don't know about. It is hidden from them and from the wind in Hulopoe Bay and has become the most popular vacation spot for islanders. They usually come here with children or for a picnic. For this purpose, gazebos are arranged under the palm trees, where you can take a break from the scorching sun. White sand, azure water, well-groomed lawns, and warm showers — this is what the free public beach at Lanai is all about.

Tidal pools in the lava shelf are the main attraction of Hulopoe Bay. A favorite spot for children's playtime is the indoor pools on the shore. You can climb Puu Pehe Rock for a scenic view of the bay. And, of course, you should snorkel or scuba dive in the crystal clear water near the coral reefs.

Bay and beach Khulopoe
Hulopoe Bay © Frederick Millett / Shutterstock
Hulopoe Bay © Frederick Millett / Shutterstock

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

You should come to Bathsheba Beach to feel the incredible power of the water element. Here, the Atlantic waves have been grinding the boulders that nature had scattered along the coast for hundreds of years. And the scenery resembles a boiling soup, which is why the bay is called Soup Bowl.

The strong currents, huge waves, and lack of lifeguards make it impossible to swim here at any time of the year. This remote beach seems ideal for surfing, but the currents at Bathsheba Beach are so strong that only the most experienced come here to practice.

Many people gather in this part of the coast once a year when international surfing competitions are held here. Bathsheba is the perfect secluded beach for strolling along the shore and contemplating the ocean.

Rock formation at Bathsheba Beach
Bathsheba Beach © Simon Dannhauer / Shutterstock
Barbados coastline in the Caribbean
Bathsheba Beach © Randy Stedwell / Shutterstock

Tunnel Beach and Long Beach, New Zealand

Tunnel Beach in Dunedin is a remote, empty beach surrounded by huge rocks. Only sea lions sunbathe here. You have to walk down the steps of a narrow tunnel to see them up close. This gives you the feeling that you've got in the planet's heart. On the one hand, there are rocks up to the sky; on the other — the ocean waves that beat against the rocks in unison with your heart. From the tops of the cliffs, you have an incredible view of the bizarrely shaped rock under which the waves have washed out the natural tunnels.

Sadly, such views are not to be found at Long Beach in Otago. But this unspoiled beach is one of the best-kept secret spots for beach vacations. Local families with children often choose it. It stretches for 2.4 km and is home to seals, blue penguins, and several other rare birds. They nest on the rocks that surround this coastal area, protecting it from the wind and waves.

Cathedral bay
Tunnel Beach and Long Beach © Christina Fink / Shutterstock
Rock formations at Tunnel Beach
Tunnel Beach and Long Beach © Michal Balada / Shutterstock
Tunnels provide access to beautiful terrain
Tunnel Beach and Long Beach © Eugene Ivanoff / Shutterstock
Sunrise on the rocky shore
Tunnel Beach and Long Beach © Robert Baldwin / Shutterstock

Ton Sai Beach, Thailand

Ton Sai Beach is one of the most beautiful and peaceful beaches in Thailand's Krabi region. The sheer cliffs right above the blue water are reminiscent of images from paradise island movies. Toi Sai is a treat for those who love secluded beaches. It's easy to find a free place on the white sand in the comforting shade of evergreen palms.

Few tourists come here by rowboat, so the water is clear and clean. The spot among the green-covered cliffs is perfect for snorkeling and rock climbing. And the bird's-eye views are spectacular for beginners and professionals alike.

Beach in the early morning on Koh Phi Phi Don
Ton Sai Beach © Don Mammoser / Shutterstock
Paradise coastline landscape in Krabi province
Ton Sai Beach © Simon Dannhauer / Shutterstock

Jervis Bay Beach, Australia

Jervis Bay is a harbor on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Its sparsely populated tropical beaches are said to have the whitest sand on the continent. The rich fauna of the underwater world is an absolute must for snorkeling. But people come here for more than just the usual beach recreation.

The bay belongs to the national park. Exciting tours guarantee a meeting with wildlife — seals, dolphins, and even whales. Outdoorspeople and water sports enthusiasts often choose the secluded beaches of Jervis Bay to kayak, canoe, or sail along the coast while admiring nature.

Sunrise on the whitest sand in the world Hyams Beach
Jervis Bay Beach © wanderskyy / Shutterstock
Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay National Park
Jervis Bay Beach © Benny Marty / Shutterstock

Trancoso beach, Brazil

Long, narrow strips of Trancoso beach are hidden beneath the high cliffs near the tourist town of Trancoso. The best secluded beaches in the world are on this undeveloped shoreline with clean sand and quiet blue water. They are perfect for relaxation without loud music and noisy companies. Celebrities often choose this place for its proximity to pristine nature and urban infrastructure with bohemian bars and cafes at the same time.

Aerial view of Rio da Barra beach
Trancoso beach © Viagens e Caminhos / Shutterstock
Fisherman's beach in the area of the Brazilian municipality of Porto Seguro
Trancoso beach © rocharibeiro / Shutterstock

Makua Beach, Hawaii, USA

Makua Beach is a hidden beach in the northwest of the island of Oahu. It is located in Hawaii's Ka'ena Point National Park. These places are considered sacred to their inhabitants. You can reach the shore only on foot along a scenic trail.

Local waters are not popular with divers. There are no coral reefs near Makua Beach, which makes for strong currents and high waves in winter. But professional surfers are frequent visitors to these secluded places.

Tropical paradise white sand beach
Makua Beach © Petr Tran / Shutterstock
Tunnels Beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai
Makua Beach © A. Emson / Shutterstock

Broken Beach Arch, Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Broken Beach Arch is a small, inaccessible tropical beach located on the island of Nusa Penida. You have to paddle under the huge stone vaults in kayaks or canoes to get there. You probably won't be able to swim here because of the rocky bottom, but the cliff above the beach offers insane views of the round-shaped bay and the arch that the waters of the Indian Ocean have washed into the ancient rocks.

Beach on Nusa Penida at sunrise
Broken Beach Arch © Anges van der Logt / Shutterstock
Beach overlooking wild nature with rocky mountains
Broken Beach Arch © Cocos.Bounty / Shutterstock

Lord Howe Beach, Australia

The volcanic island of Lord Howe is another jewel of New South Wales, Australia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. No more than 400 tourists are allowed here at a time. So when you walk along the pristine beaches of the west end of Lord Howe, you'll feel like a true discoverer.

Here you can picnic or barbecue on one of the secluded beaches. Those who are more active choose snorkeling or diving. And absolutely everyone has unforgettable emotions from a boat ride with a transparent bottom.

Sandy beach on Lord Howe Island with Gower Mountains
Lord Howe Beach © Steve Todd / Shutterstock
Mount Gower on Lord Howe Island
Lord Howe Beach © james_stone76 / Shutterstock

Achill Island, Ireland

Achill Island is located in County Mayo in the west of Ireland. The population of the island is small, so it gives the impression of being uninhabited. The long deserted beaches will be completely at your disposal. The most famous of them are in Keel and Keem under Achill Head.

In addition to wonderful fishing and eating your catch at a local restaurant, you can try your hand at windsurfing, diving, sailing, or rock climbing. Pick your secret beach and take in the views from one of the three legendary cliffs — Achill Head Slievemore, Minaun, or Bills. Up here, it feels like you're the first person to see these seascapes.

Sheep on Achill Island
Achill Island © Thomas Pitterle / Shutterstock
Landscape of Achill Island in spring
Achill Island © EvaL Miko / Shutterstock

Anse Source d'Argent Beach, Seychelles

Anse Source d'Argent is the most photogenic beach in Seychelles. It's part of the La Digue Island Toll Park. In addition to white sand, bright green palm trees, and water of delightful turquoise color, the hidden beach of Anse Source d'Argent has a landmark — streamlined rocks. They seem to be from another planet — huge and smooth. The shore is hidden from the strong waves and rough currents by a coral reef of extraordinary beauty.

With each tide, with each sunset and sunrise, local landscapes look different. The photogenic nature of the beach is recognized by many filmmakers. It has become famous as the setting for the world-famous films "Emmanuelle", "Crusoe", "Outcast," and Bacardi commercial.

Paradise in the Seychelles
Anse Source d'Argent Beach © Benny Marty / Shutterstock
Beautiful beach of the Seychelles
Anse Source d'Argent Beach © proslgn / Shutterstock

Baia do Sancho Beach, Brazil

Baia do Sancho is part of the Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several steep staircases lead to this paradise, which is probably why it's hard to find people there.

It's not just a sunbather's paradise. Flora and fauna of the sea are stunning in color and variety. You can choose a mask or a scuba diver to admire the underwater world. No matter how deep you dive, the most vivid emotions in the most beautiful place on the planet are guaranteed.

Fernando de Noronha
Baia do Sancho beach © Пляж Байя-ду-Санчо / Shutterstock
Sancho beach in Fernando de Noronha
Baia do Sancho Beach © Luciano Albano / Shutterstock

Totaranui Beach, New Zealand

Totaranui Beach is another secluded spot with nature protected by the authorities. You should visit Abel Tasman National Park, home to New Zealand's best secluded beach, to enjoy the beauty of this crescent-shaped sandy shore. Many indigenous trees surround it, and the fine golden sand and crystal clear water are as if created for perfect relaxation on the shore.

And although Totaranui Beach is sparsely populated, there is a campsite not far from it. So it's safe to stay here for a few days to fish, kayak, enjoy the park's unspoiled wildlife, and get to know its inhabitants.

Golden sand beach in Abel Tasman National Park
Totaranui Beach © Rudmer Zwerver / Shutterstock

Cirali Beach, Turkey

Cirali Beach is a find for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of tourist centers and the huge number of vacationers. It is about an hour's drive from Antalya to Cirali Beach. Its clean coast is studded with fine pebbles and located between the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and the hills covered with lush greenery. Here you can always find a place in the shade or by the water to enjoy a classic beach relaxation.

It is one of the few beaches in Turkey without infrastructure and entertainment nearby. Here you can listen to the noise of the surf rather than the loud music of your lounger neighbors. Sunsets and sunrises in Cirali are fascinating. That's why you should stay until evening and see for yourself that the starry sky and the moon track on the surface of the Mediterranean waters are something special.

Beach on the Mediterranean Sea
Cirali Beach © Vitalii Bashkatov / Shutterstock
Landscape with boat, canoe, kayak
Cirali Beach © TSViPhoto / Shutterstock

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

The Whitehaven Beach shoreline resembles clouds floating in the sky or a blue desert. Some say the sand here is the cleanest in the world. Go check it out on a tour boat that takes tourists to the beach. The area is under the protection of the national park, so the number of visitors coming here is strictly controlled.

The sand deserves special attention. Because of its unusual structure, it is not only blindingly white and incredibly velvety but also does not warm up in the sun, creating a feeling as if you are walking on clouds.

You can walk through the rainforest from Whitehaven Beach. You can also swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

Beach lagoon in Queensland National Park
Whitehaven Beach © GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock
Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland
Whitehaven Beach © Darren Tierney / Shutterstock

Playa del Amor, Mexico City, Mexico

Playa del Amor is one of the most famous beaches not only in Mexico but also in the world. It became so popular because of its natural landscape, which hides it even from the "eyes" of quadcopters.

Despite its fame, Love Beach is uninhabited, just like Marietas Islands, where it is located. The overhanging cave that hides the beach resembles a volcano crater. This formation is the result of military testing, not of natural origin. But that didn't stop nature from using the brightest colors here.

Crystal clear water of all shades of blue tempts tourists to swim. And the untouched underwater world, protected by the Parque Nacional Islas Marietas, is beautiful to admire from a kayak or snorkeling.

Scenic view of lovers beach
Playa del Amor © Grey82 / Shutterstock

Triopetra beach, Crete, Greece

Numerous beaches of Crete are usually full of tourists, except for the secret Triopetra beach. It is located in the south of the island, in the area of Rethymno. Its wide shore is covered with colorful pebbles. It is a perfect place for family recreation in windless weather.

The main local attraction is the three nearby rocks towering above the waves. This isolated beach is named after them. On windy days, when you can't swim in this part of the island, you come here for photo shoots against the deserted golden shore, the azure-colored waves, and the oddly-shaped rocks that many people recognize.

View of the beach with turquoise sea
Triopetra beach © umikem / Shutterstock