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In California, private investors will build an eco-friendly megacity

Beautiful sunset in downtown Los Angeles
© Marek Masik / Shutterstock

Construction company California Forever has announced plans to create its own megalopolis, where all facilities will be served by solar energy. It will be built in California in Solano County on 222 square kilometers.

California Forever has already acquired over 200 square kilometers of land to build an entire city. It has secured the support of investors, which are California investment firm Andreessen Horowitz and businessmen Mark Andriessen, Chris Dixon, Daniel Gross, Reid Hoffman, and Michael Moritz.

Solano residents support the initiative as the new metropolis can be their future home and will provide enough jobs. The eco-friendly city will have many parks, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and bars. Houses will be built of natural materials, and most of the residents will be engaged in agricultural activities. The main means of transportation in the settlement will be bicycles, for which a whole network of paths will be created.

California Forever believes such a large-scale project could take 10 to 15 years to realize. Despite this, the company is already accepting applications from people who want to buy a home in an eco-friendly metropolis.