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ChatGPT curated a new exhibition at the Nasher Museum

Exhibition at the Nesher Museum
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The management of the Nasher Museum, located at Duke University in North Carolina, has made the artificial intelligence ChatGPT the curator of the new exhibition. The decision was made because of the lack of staff to organize a large-scale event and the keen interest in how an AI would handle such a task.

The exhibit, "Act as if you are a curator: an AI-generated exhibition," opened this week and will run through the end of December. ChatGPT was given access to an archive containing 14,000 items from the institution's collection to create it. The AI selected about 100 items for the future exhibition. The selection was extremely diverse — the art objects dated from 2000 BC to 2021 were always related to each other.

Despite ChatGPT's unusual decision, the exhibition was still decided to proceed, with only a few adjustments from the museum's chief curator. It quickly became popular, and it receives about 1,000 visitors every day. Museum guests are most impressed by the room with prints by Salvador Dali, Nicholas Monroe, and Juliana Seraphim. According to AI, they fit perfectly together in one space.

In 2022, the 10th Bucharest Biennale was curated by the artificial intelligence program Jarvis, which was named after Jarvis, a Marvel Comics character. He worked as a butler but was afterward transformed into an AI in the 2008 Iron Man movie.