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Chile plans to open Easter Island to tourists in August

Moai Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island
© Amy Nichole Harris / Shutterstock

The Chilean government said that Easter Island would reopen to tourists after more than two years of quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Beginning August 1, there are plans to increase the number of flights (two or three per week, depending on the epidemiological situation) and open tourism under conditions to be announced additionally," the Chilean government press office said.

Easter Island, located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of more than 3500 km from the Chilean coast, is a popular tourist destination. Tourism was its main source of income until March 2020. Currently, there is one weekly domestic flight here. At the same time, in October 2021, a referendum was held among the island's indigenous inhabitants on whether to resume tourism. The non-binding result showed that about 67% of the participants voted against the move.

Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its moai, huge stone statues in human form carved by indigenous people centuries ago.