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Driverless trains will appear in Madrid's metro

Train on the platform of a metro station in Madrid
© Alex Segre / Shutterstock

The Department of Transport and Infrastructure of Madrid is preparing to launch an automated metro line, where trains will run without drivers. It will be put into operation in 2029 to serve the new area of the Spanish capital Madrid Nuevo Norte. Construction work should begin in the first quarter of 2023. The project budget will amount to 290 million euros.

It is assumed that the new line with a total length of 3 kilometers will consist of three stations — Centro de Negocios, Fuencarral Sur, and Fuencarral Norte. Its planned capacity is more than 40,000 passengers per day.
Trains without drivers, which are controlled remotely by a single control center, have been operating for ten years in one of the branches of the Paris metro. Similar technologies are also used in Italy, Denmark, Singapore, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates. In Barcelona, Spain, about 25% of metro trains operate without drivers. The remote control system makes it possible to optimize train movements, increase their speed, and reduce inter-train intervals.