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GG Conservation invites you to the reverse zoo

GG Conservation Reserve

The private lion sanctuary GG Conservation, located near the town of Harrismith in South Africa, offers an unusual attraction for tourists. Visitors are placed for 45 minutes in a special cabin installed in the center of the lion's pride area. The walls of the container are made of durable plexiglass, and the metal frame allows it to support the weight of an adult lion.

Predators are no less interested in the unusual attraction than people. Animals often come very close to the cabin and sometimes jump on it to the delight of tourists. Holes in the container walls let in enough air but are too small for the lions' paws.

According to the director of the reserve Suzanne Scott, the strength of the construction is regularly tested by engineers, so the attraction is absolutely safe. The minimum age of the participants is 14 years old, and three people can stay in the cabin at the same time. The money raised goes to support the 77 lions that live in the park.

The reverse zoo has been running for almost two years. According to Suzanne Scott, communication with people positively affects the predators — their mood improves, and their physical activity increases.