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Gucci will open a cafe in the center of Florence

Cocktail bar Gucci Cafe in Florence
© spiritedzine.com

The Gucci fashion house plans to open a cafe and cocktail bar in Florence, in the central Piazza della Signoria. It will be called Giardino 25 and will be the finishing touch to the Gucci Garden art space designed by creative director Alessandro Michele.

Guests at Giardino 25 will be served Tuscan and seasonal dishes prepared by chefs under the direction of chef Martina Bonci. The place is expected to be very popular, so you can get here only by appointment. The cafe will be open from 08:00 AM to 01:00 AM.

The interior of Giardino 25 reflects the codes of the fashion house Gucci and the city of Florence. The color palette of the exterior is presented by mustard walls, soft blue furniture, and marble tabletops in which the warm light from lamps is reflected. The floor in the institution is made of an oak floorboard.

The future Giardino 25 café and cocktail bar is not Gucci's only gastronomic venue. The fashion house owns Gucci Osteria restaurants. One of them is also in Florence, and the other two are in Beverly Hills (USA) and Tokyo (Japan).