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Ibiza sets a course for green tourism

Cala d'Hort beach in Ibiza
© Alex Tihonovs / Shutterstock

Local authorities in Ibiza are focusing efforts to transform the island from the capital of nightlife into a center of green tourism. In January 2022, the government has already approved several new laws. They aim to target pollution, climate change, waste reuse, and recycling.

Thus, many tourist businesses will have to measure water consumption and stop the distribution of disposable plastic. They will also have to give up oil-fired heating in favor of natural gas or electricity. Restaurants will have to monitor where the Balearic fish and seafood come from to avoid the destruction of endangered species.

In addition, Ibiza plans to close the loudest beach clubs and impose restrictions on poolside parties

This will reduce the noise level in the areas. Instead of the usual party life, tourists will soon be offered alternative leisure options - for example, wellness retreats, bike tours, kayak trips, visiting eco-farms, and other natural attractions.