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New Zealand sets border opening date

Taranaki volcano in New Zealand
© gregorioa / Shutterstock

The authorities of New Zealand have set a date for the opening of the borders. Tourists will be able to visit the country from April 30, 2022. However, there are a number of conditions and rules that will have to comply with all those entering.

It is necessary to have a complete vaccination certificate against Coronavirus, a negative PCR test, and a history of recent trips when crossing the border. Immediately after arrival, one must go to a one-week self-isolation and take two more PCR tests on the second and seventh days.

It was also stated that the security measures adopted would be reviewed regularly in response to statistics on the incidence of disease within the country.

During the entire Covid-19 pandemic in New Zealand, 10,600 people became ill, and now there are 150-200 new cases per day. To date, 3,860,356 people have been vaccinated here — that's over 77% of the population.