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Private Island Rental — from affordable to the most expensive

Luxury trip to Bora Bora
© Maridav / Shutterstock

Private island rental sounds fun and very expensive. But not only millionaires can afford such a vacation. Its price depends on the island location and class of real property. Some of them are chosen by billionaires and Hollywood celebrities; the others are affordable not only for the rich.

Urraca Island

Location: Bocas del Toro archipelago, Caribbean Sea

Price: From 185$ per room per night

Rent of this private island will be a unique experience and a real adventure. Urraca is a mangrove island surrounded by the coral reef. All six bungalows are built above clear turquoise waters. Guests can watch sea inhabitants while lying in hammocks. As darkness falls, you can watch bioluminescent waves. Emerald groves are home for 12 monkeys that were saved from being used as pet animals. The island surrounded by coral reefs uses solar panels to get generate electricity. Also, the fresh water catchments are used. It is forbidden to use plastic items here. The local restaurant offers seafood, vegan meals, and fusion cuisine. The guests can select their future dinner in the lobsters garden.

A hut on the mangrove island of Urraca
Urraca Іsland © airbnb.com.ua

The Hvaler Archipelago Island

Location: Norway, the North Sea

Price: from 215$ for island per night

This place is perfect for ascetics and those who want to spend time alone. There is almost no greenery at a small rocky piece of land, but it offers a few sunny Norwegian days and a tiny red house. It can accommodate up to 4 adults. In the house, guests will find a minimum set of necessary items, but they won’t find a hot shower here, because there is no water supply. Candles, several books, board games, and warm down comforters are available. Moreover – great views over Vesteroy Town, a bridge in a distance, and rocky coastline of the neighboring islands. Tourists go fishing, make a barbecue, explore their temporary possessions, go on boat trips. All this is offered by hospitable owners of the island — Cecile and Eivind.

Lighthouse on the island of the Hvaler archipelago in Norway
Hvaler Archipelago © flickr.com

No Man's Land Fort

Location: England, the Solent

Price: from 550$ per person per night

No Man's Land Fort is an artificial island, a unique place in Portland. It was built in 1880, to protect English waters from a seaborne invasion from France. And in 2015, a hotel with 22 rooms was opened here. This unusual destination is perfect for weddings, celebrations, corporate parties, team building, and other events. Also, couples may come here to spend time together and get an interesting experience. Some tourists arrive here to see the places where Doctor Who and The Sea Devils were filmed. There is a real lighthouse, a private helipad, a restaurant on the hotel’s roof, bar-cabaret, lasertag on No Man's Land Fort. Tourists can choose from a wide range of entertainment — from fishing, swimming, and water sports to the treasures hunt and other interesting activities.

Artificial island No Man's Land Fort in Portland
No Man's Land Fort © seriouslycoolevents.com

Baa Atoll

Location: the Maldives, the Indian Ocean

Price: from 600$ per person per night

This place is nothing but a paradise. it was designated as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The island can accommodate up to 12 people in three luxury villas. The guests won’t be bored here – they are offered to visit beach parties with DJs and guest stars, romantic dinners on a white, sandy beach, culinary workshops. Also, you can try surfing, yoga, meditation, and pranayama here, or enjoy SPA treatment in The Oceans of Consciousness Center, which is located on the lagoon. Moreover, the island is a Biosphere Reserve with breathtaking marine landscapes. Here you can swim with rays, whale sharks, great turtles, or take a trip on a white yacht.

View of Baa Atoll from above
Baa Atoll © maldives.net.mv

Melody Key

Location: the Florida Keys, the Gulf of Mexico

Price: from 1553$ per night

Melody Key is an island of a dream. People come here to escape from the city fuss or to celebrate important events. The only cottage, hidden in groves of palm trees, accommodates up to 10 people. There is no service staff on the island, but you can pay for cooking services. It is an island gateway; they enjoy a hot tub, rest in a hammock, swim in a heated pool, admire sunsets from a viewing deck, enjoy a barbecue, go diving, and water-ski.

Cottage among palm trees on Melody Key
Melody Key Island © arcpublishing.com

Cayo Espanto

Location: Belize, Caribbean Sea

Price: from 1700$ per room per night

Leonardo DiCaprio was among the celebrities who spent their vacation on this private island. Seven luxury villas can accommodate up to 18 people. Each has a separate mooring, beach area, swimming pool, and some – a garden. A butler takes care that all the guests have everything for a comfortable holiday. A helipad, SPA, and gym are at guests' disposal. Also, delicious meals, breakfasts in bed, and cozy candlelight dinners on the veranda. People come here to spend time alone, to enjoy the comfort and the surrounding sea views. For a change, guests can go diving, fishing, windsurfing, and take a trip on a paddleboat.

Cayo Espanto Island in Belize
Cayo Espanto © celebritynetworth.com

Cherry Island

Location: Canada, Muskoka lake

Price: from 1994$ per person per night

There is no cherry garden, but there are high pines, that touch the clouds with their tops. A luxury mansion stands by the lake. It can accommodate up to 16 people. Glass facades fill the house with sun warmth and light, and offer fantastic views over the lake. Guests can go for a walk to explore the island, go on a trip on a pontoon boat, swim in the lake (during the warm season), go fishing, and relax in a hammock breathing pine-fresh scent. You can hide on the open veranda from rain and admire the surrounding picturesque nature. The evenings may be spent by a fireplace or playing billiards.

Mansion on the shores of Muskoka lake
Pines on Cherry Island © muscache.com
Pier and sun loungers on the island
Muskoka lake © muscache.com

North Island

Location: Seychelles, the Indian Ocean

Price: from 5000$ per room per night

Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge spent their honeymoon on this island. Can there be a better recommendation? Besides the representatives of the monarchy, George Clooney, together with his wife Amal, enjoyed the time here.

Area size of this paradise is 500 acres. Earlier, a coconut plantation was here, and then a hotel network Marriott International purchased the land. Eleven bungalows with huge terraces offering fascinating views over the ocean welcome their guests. A butler arranges everything the guests need. One of the peculiarities on the island is that there is no menu. The chief meets the guests and cooks special dishes from the products grown on the island according to their preferences. The dinner can be served candlelight on a villa or in one of the cozy areas of the island accompanied by the sound of waves.

Also, there is есть a private wine cellar on North Island. A wine expert conducts great wines tasting. Also, you can find boutiques, restaurants, libraries, and SPA on the island. Guests can go diving, fishing; go on bike rides, and practice yoga.

North Island coast in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean
North Island © Styve Reineck / Shutterstock

The island of Tagomago

Location: the Mediterranean Sea

Price: from 5500$ per person per night

The island of Tagomago is located more than 1 km from Ibiza. You can easily get here by a helicopter of a yacht. The beaches are not sandy here. There is one villa with five double suits on 98 acres of rocky land. People come here in search of anonymity, seclusion, or arrive here with a friend to have some rest and make some parties. If to speak about magnificent sand beaches, you can go to Formentera Island from here. The island of Tagomago has the following facilities - a huge swimming pool with seawater, hot tub overlooking the sea, one luxury restaurant, helipad, and a yacht for rent. Guests can also enjoy hiking or spend time in great chill-out areas admiring the sunset.

Outdoor pool on Tagomago Island
Tagomago Island in the Mediterranean Sea © villas.byunique.com

Musha Cay Island in the Bahamas

Location: the Atlantic ocean

Price: 57000$ island per night

This private island is owned by the most famous modern illusionist David Copperfield. After he invested more than 40 million dollars, Musha Key is considered one of the most luxurious islands that can be rented. It is 150 acres of wild tropical nature full of bright colors and palm trees groves. Twenty four guests can be accommodated here and enjoy the all-inclusive concept. Those who stay here, get unique experience — they will set off for treasures hunt. All the activities are organized by the team of the illusionist from Las Vegas. There are 5 villas with redwood terraces on the island. Each one has a separate beach. A butler takes care that all the guests have everything for a comfortable holiday. Open-air cinema, tennis court, the recreational center where you can play billiards on a table that was owned by a great Harry Houdini are at the guests’ disposal.

Dinner on the shore of Musha Cay
Musha Cay Island © jasmineskydesigns.com

Necker Island

Location: Caribbean Sea

Price: 77 500$ island per night

One of the most famous islands in the world is owned by Sir Richard Branson. It is a perfect island getaway. Many celebrities enjoyed staying here — Barack and Michelle Obama, Princess Diana, Mariah Carey, Kate Moss, Nelson Mandela, and many others. A wedding ceremony of the co-founder of Google, Larry Page, was held here. Up to 30 guests can be accommodated on the island in lovely houses in Polynesian style. Guests are offered dinners on the beach, having which they can watch regatta, magnificent swim up sushi bar decorated with tropical flowers, or splendid cocktails on the terrace under the soft rays of the setting sun. Here you can meet animals that inhabit the island — beautiful pink flamingos, rare scarlet ibises, great turtles, and lazy lemures.

Pool on the evening Necker island in the Caribbean
Necker Island © virginlimitededition.com

Laucala Island

Location: Fiji, the Pacific Ocean

Price: from 150 000 per night

Laucala Island was purchased by the Forbes for 1 million dollars. Nowadays it is owned by its legatee, the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz. There are 25 villas in a style of traditional Fiji dwellings. Some of them are located at the top of Nawi Mountain at the heart of the island; others — by the ocean along the white beaches. The local attractions include a great golf course, sailboats, and modern luxury yachts fleet, a huge pool with tropical artificial islands in the shape of a lagoon, which area is 2000 square meters. Guests can spend time in a diving center, gym, or practice yoga. The best activities are offered at Laucala — fascinating fishing for blue marlin and yellowfin tuna, guided tours to the waterfall, or horse rides among coconut plantations and tropical forests with stops for picnics. Local restaurants cook meals from the goods grown on a private farm. Agricultural lands are used to graze cows, goats, quails, geese, ducks, and hog down pigs; and also grow tropical fruits, vegetables, and corn.

Huts and a glass pool on the Laucala Island
Swimming pool on the Laucala Island © laucala.com