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Thailand opened three more regions for tourists

Throne Room of Ananta Samakhom at Thai Royal Palace Dusit
© Pikoso.kz / Shutterstock

Despite the spike in Coronavirus incidence, authorities of Thailand opened for a visit three more regions in addition to Phuket — Krabi, Phang Nga, and Samui from January 11.

All vaccinated foreign tourists who are not required to undergo quarantine will be able to enter their territory, provided that they stay in these provinces for at least a week.

This decision is aimed at restoring the tourism sector in the kingdom, which again began to experience difficulties amid the emergence of a new strain of Omicron.

Over the past two months, the number of foreign travelers to Thailand amounted to 350 thousand people. By comparison, this figure was estimated at 20 thousand in October, and in September — 12 thousand.