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TOP 10 nude beaches around the world

Nude beautiful woman on nude beach
© Dmytro Buianskyi / Shutterstock

Vacations on nude beaches are becoming more popular each year. If to shed some old attitudes, it’s hard to disagree that atmosphere of freedom and beautiful even tan is really worth it. Although, remember that such beaches have their own unspoken rules. For example, if you won’t be naked, you may be misunderstood. And if you will take your camera, stare at people on the beach, or behave provocatively, you risk starting a conflict.

Nevertheless, even strict rules don’t prevent naturists from feeling comfortable and free, relaxing, and enjoying complete unity with nature.

Valalta — Croatia

Valalta Beach is famous outside the country because of the combination of natural beauty and comfortable conditions for the holiday. The coastline is 3 km long and is cut with bays with turquoise and emerald-green water. The beach is mostly sandy, but some areas are pebble. It has a well-developed infrastructure, including loungers and sun umbrellas, toilets and shower areas, pools, volleyball, football, and tennis areas. Moreover, guests are allowed to enter bars and restaurants naked. There are a three-star hotel and camping, and also yacht parking not far from the beach.

Valalta FKK Naturist Camping Rovinj
Valalta beach © IzidorAQ / Shutterstock

Playa del Torn — Costa Dorada, Spain

If you are looking for nudist beaches in Spain, you should pay your attention to Playa del Torn. This cozy, wide beach is located in a harbor with a rocky coastline. Its territory is surrounded by green hills that offer great views. The water is clear and smooth here, and you will enjoy swimming in it. Despite its popularity, the beach is never overcrowded. There is a parking area, toilets, shower areas, cafe, and loungers rental service not far from the beach. People like this place because of the pristine nature and peaceful atmosphere perfect for the holiday. After sunbathing, remember to climb one of the mountain paths and discover new picturesque landscapes.
Playa Illot del Torn Hospitalet del Infant beach in Costa dorada
Playa Illot del Torn beach © lunamarina / Shutterstock

Cap d'Agde — France

Once olive trees were grown on the territory of the beach. But soon after people started to come here to bask in the sun without clothes, the area was redone into a nudist resort. A two-kilometer long Cap d'Agde Beach can boast not only picturesque landscapes but also a well-developed infrastructure. It is equipped with toilets, loungers, and shower areas and also with lifeguard tower and medical aid posts, water rides, bars, restaurants, and also SPA, hotels, campings, and shops nearby. Sea is clear and smooth. You can rent a yacht or motor boat in the port. Also, you can go fishing or take a diving tour. The beach has everything for a comfortable vacation.

Haulover — Florida, USA

This small paradise is considered one of the best beaches in Miami. Moreover, it is the only official nudist beach on the coastline. White, soft sand, wide picturesque territory, clear blue water, and all the facilities make Haulover the favorite destination for travelers. It should be mentioned, that the nudist area that occupies half of the beach is marked with a special sign. The entrance is free of charge. A paid parking area offers its services outside the beach. Haulover beach is equipped with lifeguard towers, toilets, and shower areas. There are bars, restaurants, play areas, and sports gear rental service. You can try surfing or play football, or simply lie under the umbrella, drink cocktails, and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

Miami aerial Haulover Park beach scene
Haulover Park beach © Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock

Filaki — Crete, Greece

This picturesque, secluded place is located in the bay protected from the wind by steep cliffs. The beach visitors are offered loungers and sun umbrellas, toilets, parking area, and a tavern, which can be entered naked. The coastline is covered with pebble that highlight the turquoise shade of the water. The water entrance is smooth but stony. You should be careful when swimming. Among the major advantages of Filaki are its wild, pure beauty and cozy atmosphere. The beach area is not very large and is not overcrowded. Filaki is a perfect place for relax and peaceful vacation.

Little Beach — Hawaii, USA

Little Beach is considered one of the oldest and most popular in the world. It is located on the island of Maui in a secluded bay surrounded by a green tropical forest. The beach is often called Hippies’ Harbor because it was popular among representatives of the subculture in the 1970s. Little Beach doesn’t have all the necessary facilities, but that makes it a favorite spot among tourists. The place is surrounded by wild nature; clean sand and clear turquoise water are perfect for a beach vacation. Maybe, nature is what attracts naturists. It is a great surfing, diving, and snorkeling destination. On weekends, Little Beach is often crowded with people who organize drum parties and dance nights.
Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Little Beach in Hawaii © Pierre Leclerc / Shutterstock

Zambujeira do Mar — Portugal

The golden coastline is surrounded by rugged cliffs. You can admire breathtaking sunsets from their tops. The beach is a part of the Natural Park, and its area resembles the wilderness. Nevertheless, there is a parking area, restaurant, surfing school, and surfboards rental service nearby. Also, lifeguards and massage therapist work on site. In summer, the beach hosts festivals and parties, but not too often. The water is crystal-clear, and the waves are perfect for surfing. Also, you can find stone pools along the coastline. Water in them is much warmer.

Zambujeira do Mar beach, Alentejo
Zambujeira do Mar beach © inacio pires / Shutterstock

Praia do Pinho — Brazil

A wide sandy Praia do Pinho beach is located in sunny Santa Catarina. It is surrounded by green hills and tropical plants. The beach became popular in the middle of the 1980s after it was mentioned in a newspaper as the most beautiful in the world. It offers many activities for tourists and also everything necessary for a comfortable vacation. The beach is clean, and the water has a beautiful azure shade. There are bars, restaurants, and also small houses, where you can stay, on site. Picturesque surroundings of Praia do Pinho are perfect for hiking and exploration of natural attractions.

Wreck Beach — Canada

Wreck Beach is an 8-kilometer-long clean sandy coastline surrounded by green pines. It is located far from Vancouver and is among the largest nude beaches in Canada. There are toilets, shower areas, and pavilions where you can buy food, drinks, and various gifts. The parking area is just outside the beach. Despite the popularity of this destination, it’s not hard to find a peaceful spot on the beach. Except for natural beauty, Wreck Beach is known for a unique atmosphere. Here you can meet musicians and people who will offer you to make an unusual hairdo or paint your body. The beach often hosts unusual dance and musical events.

Nudist Wreck Beach during sunny day in Vancouver
Wreck Beach © pr2is / Shutterstock

Black's Beach— California, USA

Aerial of beach in Blacks Beach, San Diego
Blacks Beach © Alexandre Moraes / Shutterstock
Black's Beach is located beneath the bluffs of Torrey Pines in San Diego. Black's Beach was named for the Black family who had a horse ranch overlooking the beach. You can get to the beach by cable railway. A lot of people come here to watch dolphins that often swim not far from the shore. The beach area doesn't have all the necessary facilities. So, Black's Beach is a perfect destination for a meditative, peaceful vacation in the wild nature. You will enjoy watching the sunrise, listening to the sound of powerful ocean waves, and sunbathing in a secluded area. If you plan to go surfing, Black's Beach is a perfect destination.