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Located in southern Canada, on the banks of the Detroit River, the cozy town of Windsor attracts a variety of tourists. It is widely known due to its green alleys, beautiful parks, and many comfortable relaxation areas. And yet, it is often called the city of roses, which can be explained by the abundance of rose bushes planted along the river. The list of local must-see attractions should definitely include Jackson Park. On the territory of this complex, you have the opportunity to enjoy a picturesque garden, fountains, and a variety of ​​different flowers. Peche Island, with a beautiful beach and unbelievably beautiful landscapes, is considered another essential attraction of the town. This place can be chosen by tourists in order to spend a sunny day and relax away from the noise of the city. To get to know Windsor better, take a walk along the promenade in the evening and visit one of the restaurants or bars that are located there. The atmosphere of the city’s nightlife is expected to give you new impressions and allow you to see Windsor from the other side.

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