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According to statistics, as of 2016, Chengdu was home to about 11 million people. The main part of the population of the metropolis is Chinese. Other ethnic minorities represent a small part of it.

Brief history

Chengdu emerged in the IV century BC during the founding of the Shu Kingdom. The name of the city is translated from Chinese as "to become the capital," which may have determined its fate. For thousands of years, it has been the main city of different kingdoms and states — Shu and Shu Han, Cheng and Western Shu, Early Shu and Late Shu, as well as the rebel one — Li Shu. In the Middle Ages, Chengdu was the capital of the Great Western State.

After the internecine wars, it suffered considerably and was abandoned by a large part of the population. When the Qing Empire came to power, the issue of settling Sichuan province, which included Chengdu, was resolved. As a result, the city was revived and became the seat of the governor of Sichuan.

In 1911, there was a hotbed of the Sichuan Rebellion.

In 1928, Chengdu formed its own government. And in 1949, it became part of China.

In 1952, the Sichuan province was restored, and Chengdu was the seat of its government.

Modern Chengdu is a major science, technology, industry, trade, and finance center. It has the largest aerospace industry in the country. It is a megalopolis that produces automobiles, equipment, food, and medicine. Chengdu has a reputation as a city with a favorable investment climate.

The best time to visit Chengdu

Chengdu is located in a humid subtropical climate. Sometimes, this metropolis is even compared to London because of the frequent fogs and drizzling rainfall. July is the hottest month in Chengdu. During this time, the air heats up to +30°C. The maximum rainfall occurs in July and August. January is the coldest month when the thermometer reads +5°C most of the time. Winters are cloudy and damp, and summers are hot and humid.

The best time to visit Chengdu is in spring and autumn. In spring, it gets warm quickly, rainfall is rare, and the sky is piercingly blue. Autumn is considered one of the most beautiful seasons because the Chinese like melancholy. The weather during this time is comfortable, too. The average temperature is +15°С. On some days, it may be cooler — +10°C, but usually not for long.

A visit to the metropolis can be timed to coincide with a cultural event.

In February, the Chengdu Sun Festival is held here. It is dedicated to the rituals of worship of the spiritual luminary of culture Tianfu. In early March, there is a festival dedicated to the blossoming of the peach tree. And in the first decade of April, you can sample local delicacies at an event like the China Food and Drinks Fair.

Useful notes

Things to do in Chengdu

  • Visit the Great Panda Breeding Center. In 2016, they were removed from the Red List, and the species is no longer considered endangered. But the adorable bears are still vulnerable. The center's staff inspects and feeds the animals daily. Together with scientists, they create favorable conditions for their breeding. Visitors can see both large adult pandas and newborn babies.
  • Get a dose of adrenaline on the roller coaster at Happy Valley of Chengdu amusement park. There are plenty of colorful merry-go-rounds for the little ones, and parents will love the recreational areas near the fountains. There are plenty of exotic plants growing in the park and various dance groups performing.
  • See the oldest Wuhou Memorial Temple. Its area is about 37 thousand square meters. If the historical information is correct, the construction was started in 223. Not only the temple complex is impressive, but also the garden, which is adjacent to it. There is a special atmosphere of calm, beauty, and harmony.
  • See the city from a bird's-eye view. You need to climb the observation deck of the television West Pearl Tower. It is one of the highest buildings in China. The structure is called the West Pearl. It houses offices, several entertainment complexes, and a rotating restaurant.
  • See the Sichuan Opera. It is a spectacular performance with face changes, hand shadows, Chinese opera, and traditional costumes. The shows are invariably popular with tourists.
  • Take selfies in front of the Anshun Bridge. It is a famous landmark in the city. Back in the XIII century, it was described by Marco Polo in his notes on his journey to China.
  • Drink some authentic Chinese tea at the Tea House. People come here to join the thousand-year-old ceremony, enjoy the company and spend time in the traditional atmosphere.

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