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The Colombian-like Armenia is the most developed region of the country

The unofficial capital of coffee and the culture Quimbaya Indians


The city of Armenia is located in Colombia and is the capital of the Quindio Department. The city owes its name to two facts. The first is that it was founded on the site of one of the estates, which was founded by immigrants of Armenian origin. Besides, the authorities of Colombia were shocked by the Armenian genocide of the late XIX century in Turkey, so they gave the city such a name as a sign of solidarity with the Armenian people. Today Armenia is a young, dynamic city, the capital of one of the most economically-developed regions of the country. The reason for such success is that the city is the unofficial capital of coffee growing in the country. Its export brings enormous income to Colombia and the region. Armenia is one of the most well-groomed and attractive cities in the country. Tourists should visit a museum that tells about the ancient Indian culture of Quimbaya and the museum of coffee.

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