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Districts of Brno

Brno is divided into 29 administrative districts. Basically, all attractions are concentrated in the Old Center, which is a pedestrian area. The historical part is separated from the main building by chestnut boulevards, which were laid out on the site of the old fortress walls, demolished in the middle of the XIX century. After World War II, the industrial and residential areas moved closer to the city's outskirts. It became one of the advantages of Brno. You don't even need transport to see all the sights as everything is within walking distance.


Brno is a multicultural youth city. After all, every fifth here is a student. Most of them are newcomers: Slovaks, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, etc. Native residents call themselves mostly Moravians, some — Czechs. Still, they are all very proud of their city and tell legends about it, of which here, over the millennial history, has gathered an infinite number. Almost half of the population is Catholic. The townspeople hold sacred the traditions and customs of their ancestors and are very friendly and hospitable. They are also very neat; thanks to them, the order is everywhere.

Brief history

Brno was first mentioned in written documents back in the XI century. At that time, it was an impregnable fortress with a military garrison. A century later, the city became the center of the Přemyslovci family. During its centuries-long history, the castle was never conquered.

Having a favorable geographical location, Brno actively developed and, over time, became a cultural and economic center of Moravia. International fairs were held there yearly, attracting people from all over Europe. Brno remains to this day a major international exhibition center. Dozens of exhibitions and forums take place there during the year.

In the XIX century, Brno saw rapid industrial development. A huge economic potential of the Czech Republic is concentrated here. Large enterprises of heavy machinery and the chemical and printing industries are in the city.

In 1899, the first Brno University appeared. Today, there are five state universities and seven private ones with thousands of students.

Although Brno is an old Czech town rich in customs and traditions, today it is dynamically developing, and modern technologies enter densely into the life of citizens. This is also seen in the city's architecture; the streets have no vulgar garishness. Old facades are harmoniously combined with the creations of modern architecture. If something modern appears in the historic center, it does not "burn the eyes" with its futuristic nature.

The best time to visit Brno

Brno, like the rest of Central Europe, has a relatively mild climate, so you can visit the city at any time of year. Some people like it here in spring, when you can see the ancient castles through the deciduous foliage and the air is filled with the scent of awakening nature. Some people praise Brno in summer when it's the most fun. Certainly, the city with autumn decorations will captivate everyone.

In addition, there is always something going on in Brno. For example, at the end of May, there is the Ignis Brunensis Fireworks Parade, which has become the city's trademark and attracts crowds of tourists. For two weeks, the best fire show masters entertain visitors and residents. In summer, you can see hundreds of balloons and hot-air balloons over Brno. This is another, no less colorful fair, Balloon Jam Festival.

And in August, Brno residents celebrate City Day. At this time, there are various fairs and many artists and shopkeepers on the streets. The main action is reconstructing the events during the siege of Brno by the Swedes.

In the autumn, there is a week of coffee and a festival for electronic music lovers. In addition, various exhibitions and student festivals take place almost every week. So you don't get bored in Brno!

Useful notes

Things to do in Brno

  • Visit Špilberk Castle, built in the XIII century to protect the city, and under the Habsburgs, it was converted into a prison. The less impressionable can visit the gloomy casemates, where political prisoners used to be held and tortured. But it's best to climb up to the top; the view over the city from there is magnificent.
  • Take a stroll around Liberty Square. Back in the XIII century, it was the center of the secular life of the Brno people. And so far, there is always a festive atmosphere. Here the citizens celebrate Christmas and hold various festivals, celebrations, and fairs. Virtually every building deserves to be told about. Everything here has a rich history, whether it is the Old Plague Column or the Brno Eagle modern clock.
  • Go to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. Its high spire can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. It was built in 1296, although later rebuilt several times. The bells don't strike here at noon, as it is customary in the world, but at 11 o'clock, so Brno is called the "city of wrong time." Why? This is another reason to visit the cathedral.
  • Check out Saint James' church. It is beautiful from the outside and interesting in its interior. The columns of lower jaws, skulls, and other human remains, including those of the city's patron saints, strike the imagination. You can learn all about the history of the ossuary with a guided tour.
  • Go to at least one of the 20 theaters. The National Theater in Brno complex, which consists of three venues, offers a wide theatrical variety. Opera and ballet can be tasted in the Janáček Theatre, the Mahen Theatre's dramatic productions, and the city's oldest theater, Reduta, which presents various concert programs.
  • Visit the Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Here you can fly into space and visit Mars before Elon Musk. It is virtual, of course, but very realistic.
  • Visit the abode of the genetic genius. Those interested in the history of this science can go straight to the Starobrnensky monastery of Augustinians, which houses the museum of Mendel, the founder of modern genetics.
  • Try a piece of local pork loaf with a variety of spices. And, of course, eat toast of pork neck and baguette with chili peppers. A glass of velvet beer or young wine will brighten up any meal. For dessert, grilled cherry strudels or lemon wedges with blueberries are perfect. Food prices, thanks to the student community, are moderate.

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