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Luxurious and romantic Reims is located in the historical Champagne-Ardenne region, in the north-east of France. The city is perceived as a real paradise by admirers of aesthetics. Many ancient architectural monuments have been preserved here. Moreover, these monuments not only reflect the considerable history of Reims but also decorate the city. There are several UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Reims. These include Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palace of Tau. At the same time, this city offers the opportunity to taste delicious champagne, which is made according to ancient recipes. The city is also famous for its museums. For instance, once you arrive in this city, pay attention to the Museum of Fine Arts and the Reims-Champagne Automobile Museum. When traveling around the city, be sure to taste a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, spend a day in the green Champagne Park, and take a photo next to the ancient Porte de Mars.

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