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Germany is located in the very center of Europe. Its neighbors are Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Poland. The country is washed by the North and Baltic Seas, and it also has plenty of rivers and lakes. Thus, Berlin has more bridges than Venice. The largest cities are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden. Make sure you include at least one of them to the program of your German tour. Small towns are also fascinating. Figuratively speaking, they can be called the museums in the open air - Lübeck, Trier or Wismar.

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Country of museum and castles

Germany is the world leader in the number of cultural events, museums, theatres, and art galleries. You can feel the spirit of history in every corner of this country.

We recommend starting your adventure with the capital of Germany is Berlin. It’s a big wonderful city, which stands on banks of two rivers the Spree and Havel. The monumental architecture of the Brandenburg Gate stands not far from the Fernsehturm Berlin, one of the highest observation decks in Europe. Berlin is an incredible place for traveling with a family. It also has the largest zoo in the world which comprises 1500 species of animals; Museum Island is a center of art and architecture united into a single architectural complex; and the Victory Column which is 69 meters in height; and the not unknown to everyone Reichstag building.

Munich is another fascinating city in Germany, the capital of Bavaria and the place which attracts all the fans of art all over the world. They come to visit its most rich and beautiful museums — the Alte and Neue Pinakotheks, and the Glyptothek. They gather the most renowned pictures and sculptures from the collection of the Bavarian King Ludwig I. The city is also famous for the biggest folklore and at the same time, a beer festival in the world — Oktoberfest which is held annually at the end of September, beginning of October. Munich brewery companies brew special Oktoberfest beer. Local medieval castles deserve special attention. In only a two-hour drive from Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle is located, which became the prototype of the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. And in 50 km from the city of Stuttgart, there is Hohenzollern Castle which is built on the peak of the Swabian Jura. The castle has more than a thousand-year history and keeps the signs of the presence of the renowned monarchs of Germany. BMW museum is another place which brings joy to both adults and children. 

A visit to Hamburg will also leave pleasant impressions. Its look associates with Outer Alster Lake. The waterfront must be the first destination in this city — it offers splendid panoramic views on the historical part of the town. The City Hall built in the Neo-Renaissance style, St. Michael’s Church and the art gallery Kunsthalle arouse genuine interest among tourists. During your walk around the city, don’t forget to visit the fish market and the port. Fans of active and vibrant nightlife can head to the famous street called Reeperbahn with its restaurants, clubs, and bars.

Cologne is the fourth in the number of population city in Germany. It is located in the western part of the country, in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This is a big cultural, economical and science-educational center of Germany. It is also considered to be the center of European art. The city takes second place in the world in the number of galleries, giving the first place to New York. Cologne Cathedral and the Farina Fragrance Museum are the main attractions in the town. In this museum, back in the XIX century, the production of cologne began. 

Another city in West German, elegant Düsseldorf is one of the richest in the country. Offices of huge industrial companies and international banks are situated here. This is the city where you can always mix business with pleasure. After business meetings, it’s worth seeing the ancient architecture and visiting the Altstadt district which nicknamed the “longest bar counter in the world”. More than 260 bars, clubs, and restaurants are concentrated here. Besides that, the Altstadt is a cultural center of Düsseldorf. Here you shall find the Heinrich-Heine-Institute, Stadtmuseum, the Arts Academy, the Art collection of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, and many other fascinating places. And if you want to see the city from the height of 240 meters, head to the observation deck of the Rheinturm.

Frankfurt am Main is a financial center of Germany. The city is located in the southwest of the country, on both sides of the River Main. Skyscrapers form a well-known panorama — Frankfurt Skyline. During your trip to the city, you definitely should check out the Römerberg square with its cozy houses in the timber framing style, enjoy a walk to Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew, and also visit the Goethe House that the locals are so proud of. 

Dresden — another fabulous city in West German — is the capital of Saxony. Every fan of art aspires to visit this place. Dresden is often called “Florence of the Elbe”. Even several days won’t be enough to see all the architectural monuments: museums, art galleries, castles, and cathedrals. Only the Old Masters Gallery itself comprises more than 750 paintings of famous artists including the renowned “Sistine Madonna” by Raphael. Try to find at least one hour in your schedule and wander along Brühl's Terrace, admire the castles and cathedrals constructed in Baroque style, and the statue of the “Golden Reiter”. Fans of cars will be fascinated to watch through transparent walls how the most expensive cars are being constructed (VW Phaeton) in the very center of the city, in the Transparent Factory of Volkswagen.

Balneo resorts and thalassotherapy in Germany

Besides its museums, parks, castles, and palaces, Germany is also famous for its healing waters in the foothills of the Alps. Thermal resorts in Baden-Baden and Wiesbaden are known for their beauty, crystal clean air, and excellent service. 

The German coast of the Baltic Sea is remarkable for its mild climate, warm water, and sandy beaches. The Timmendorfer Strand resort, in the Bay of Lubeck, can become an excellent addition to your trip to Hamburg and Lubeck.

National peculiarities of Germans

  • Germans are straightforward, they always want to stick to the point and not to beat around the bush;
  • locals love football — one might say that for Germans it’s a national pastime, while the football association consists of more than 26 000 football clubs;;
  • it may seem that Germans are ill-natured, but that’s not true. They just treat every stranger with caution and need time to get used to a person. If you become friends, don’t even hesitate that it’s sincere;
  • Germans adore beer: in 2009, they ranked second in drinking this beverage per head, giving up the first place to the eastern neighbors — the Czechs; there are over 1300 breweries and 5000 sorts of beer in the country;
  • citizens of German love cracking a joke but their sense of humor is quite specific with notes of cynicism and irony.

Best time to visit Germany

Germany is located in the zone of the moderate continental climate. The best time for a trip is from April to September. This period is the most comfortable one. The average temperature in summer is +23 °C, although, there might be hot days when the stem of thermometer reaches +30 °C. It’s the most suitable time for tours to different cities and relaxing in one of the German’s resorts. December and January have the biggest amount of precipitations, and the temperature during these months is around -3 °C - +4 °C. Many tourists come here in December in order to attend the Christmas markets. Before Christmas, cities of Germany turn into a real fairy tale.

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