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There is one building in Hamburg which stands out from the general picture. It is the Chile House, also known as the Chilehaus. What’s so special about this place? Take at least its title! The building made of red bricks is located 700 meters south-west from the City Hall. The district itself also has a historic past connected with the old merchants.

A house which looks like a ship

You can travel to many cities and counties, but there’s no similar construction in any of them. The Chilehaus’ appearance does resemble an oceangoing ship. This similarity has some historic roots. All the German attractions can tell you many fascinating things about the past. The Chile House takes us back to 1922 when the director and owner of the shipping company Henry Sloman ordered to start a grandiose building. Sloman, in his time, made a fortune on trading the Chile saltpeter. Back in 1921, he purchased a piece of land in the business quarter of the city (everything was building up in this area back then). The slums of the poor people used to be located here before.

The building was based on the project by Fritz Höger and it took two years to construct it. The ship-like building was brought into service in 1924. At the beginning of the XX century, all the buildings in Hamburg received their proper names. The new construction received such an extraordinary name - the Chilehaus in honor of the work of the famous entrepreneur Henry Sloman in South America.

Chilehaus - the symbol of the business world in Hamburg

The building has the characteristic features of the constructions at the beginning of the XX century which were erected for the offices of various companies (these were mainly trading corporations). There are many-storied buildings with the reinforced concrete structure, red-bricked walls, and red tiling. The form resembles the rostrum created in the style of Northern-German Expressionism. Nowadays, Chilehaus is an iconic symbol of the business world and entrepreneurship in Hamburg. Till the 1980s, the building had been owned by the descendants of Sloman. However, after that, it was taken under governmental protection. 

Address: Fischertwiete 2A, 20095 Hamburg.

The height of the building: 42 meters.

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