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Accra is a huge metropolis of nearly four million people. Every year, the city's population grows by 3.3%. Almost all of its residents are of dark skin. The city retains a small community of descendants of immigrants from Lebanon and Syria, which plays an important role in developing the economy. The Chinese community is also growing rapidly.

Most of Accra's entire population works in a variety of industries — textiles, food, oil refining, metalworking, woodworking, and pharmaceuticals. Automotive, jewelry, and handicraft productions are also developed. There is also a large market for diamonds and cocoa beans.

Brief history

The first settlement on the modern territory of the city was founded in the XV century. It was home to the Ga tribes who migrated here from the north. The name Accra itself translates as "black ant," the totem animal of the Ga tribe. When European traders arrived on the Guinea coast, Accra became an important trading center fought over by Ga, Akuapem, and Ashanti tribes. Until the late XIX century, the city had been a central point in the slave trade. Gold, palm oil, and other goods were also traded here.

In the XVII century, the Portuguese erected their fortresses in the city, followed by the Dutch, Swedes, French, Englishmen, and Danes. The bustling economic activity continued until the abolition of the slave trade in 1807.

In 1850, a new era began in Accra. The city was included in the boundaries of the English colony of the Gold Coast. In 1876, the British took over Accra and moved the seat of residence that had previously been located at Cape Coast to the city. An influx of colonists from Britain began, which led to a significant expansion and economic development of the city. Accra had been the capital of the British colony of the Gold Coast until 1957.

After liberation from colonial dependence, Accra became the capital of the independent state of Ghana. Today it is a large city, one of the ten largest cities in Africa. It has a well-developed economy, culture, education, and tourism business.

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The best time to visit Accra

Accra is located in a tropical monsoon climate with distinct rainy seasons (April to June and October). The city is hotter in winter than in summer. Recreation on the beach under the warm rays of the sun is available all year round. Therefore, it is best to plan a trip to Accra in winter, which is great for visiting theaters and museums and for natural sightseeing.

Useful notes

Things to do in Accra

  • Go to Independence Square. This is Accra's most important landmark, located on the Jamestown Peninsula.
  • There you can also see the Independence Arch with a star on top symbolizing liberation from the colonizers.
  • See old colonial buildings in Jamestown and buy the freshest seafood at the fish market.
  • See a collection of African American pottery, woodwork, and bone at the National Museum founded in 1957.
  • Admire the works of sculptor Eric Anang, a native of Ghana.
  • Visit the Aburi Botanical Garden, located 30 km northeast of the city. It has a large collection of African plants (about 640 species).
  • Go to the Ghana Playhouse Drama Theatre.
  • Buy interesting souvenirs, jewelry, and more at Makola Market.
  • Visit the seat of the government of Ghana, the old fortress of Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christiansborg or Asher Fort.
  • Get acquainted with flora and fauna of Africa in the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, which has 90 species of birds and 400 varieties of plants and animals.
  • Marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of the Akwapim hills from Akosombo Dam. Walk through cacao, coffee, and banana plantations and enjoy the beauty of the scenery of Lake Volta.
  • Sunbathe on the white sand, do water sports, and explore flora and fauna of the Gulf of Guinea at one of the city's beaches. La Plage Beach, Pram Pram, and Labadi Beach are the most popular.

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