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The population of Amalfi, as of 2019, is 5,025. Of these, 51.9% are women, and 48.1% are men. The city is inhabited by 96.6% Italians and 3.4% people of other nationalities.


According to a legend, Amalfi was the name of the beautiful nymph with whom Heracles was in love. It is believed that his beloved was buried here as well. Turning to the more prosaic chronicles, there were four powerful maritime republics in the IX-XIII centuries in Italy — Pisa, Genoa, Venice, and Amalfi. Their role was to create trade routes between Europe and the Orient, new ways and rules of commerce, and the foundations of maritime law. The Republic of Amalfi was chronologically the first. It was initially a Byzantine dominion and became independent in the middle of the IX century, after the famous sea battle of Ostia (849) and the complete defeat of the Saracen fleet.

The citizens of Amalfi established transshipment and trading bases in Constantinople, Syria, and Egypt. In 1135, the Amalfi fleet was defeated, and the city was looted. By the middle of the XII century, only memories of the Republic's former glory remained. Seafaring and fishing and the production of paper, limoncello liqueur, and traditional pasta were the main activities of the locals. However, history is unpredictable. Amalfi regained its fame and got a second chance thanks to its natural beauty.

Today, the city is the most famous center of tourism in Italy, and the Amalfi coast is among the 55 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The best time to visit Amalfi

Traditionally, the tourist season in Amalfi begins in late April and ends in late September. In May and June, the prices are usually lower than in July and August. Amalfi is the center of culture and entertainment during the summer period — the city hosts various events, concerts, and festivals — for example, the world-famous lemon festival, which is dedicated to the fruit and the popular liqueur Limoncello. The average air temperature in summer is +27-30°C.

Early fall and late spring are the perfect time for a quiet, peaceful vacation. During this time, the resort town is not yet overcrowded with tourists, and the weather is mild and comfortable.

Winter in Amalfi will also please tourists with warmth. The average temperature during this period is +12-14°C. The city takes on a special charm during the New Year and Christmas holidays — people decorate houses, organize fairs, parties, and fireworks.

The rainy season is in November and February.

Useful notes

Things to do in Amalfi

  • Take a boat trip. The most amazing landscapes and panoramas of the city are best revealed from the water. Sea breeze, hot sun, and unforgettable experiences will be the true companions of the trip.
  • Visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew. It is located in the main square of the city, Piazza Duomo. The architecture of the building has Moorish overtones, and there is a cozy courtyard of Paradise, planted with palm trees and flowers inside the cathedral. This place is like a little paradise in the center of the city.
  • Learn the secrets of the local paper industry. Visiting the city's Paper Museum, you can see the workshop where it was made in the distant past, watch how paper is made by hand, and buy cute themed souvenirs.
  • Explore the Emerald Grotto. This is a breathtaking sea cave. It got its name because of the unique shade of light reflected from the stalactites and stalagmites. Tourists can get into the grotto itself by elevator, and you can get to the cave by water (from one of the city's marinas) or by bus.
  • Try a popular local liquor, Limoncello. This sweet elixir is made from aromatic lemons. The strong and, at the same time, refreshing drink is served well-chilled. It is perfect to finish off any meal.
  • Soak on the beach of Di Duoglio. The water here is azure and clear, and the steep cliffs make this place incredibly picturesque. Lovers of outdoor activities can rent equipment for canoeing, diving, and windsurfing.
  • Taste the delicious local cuisine. Pasta with seafood, fish soups, fried anchovies, dumplings, pizza, and, of course, a variety of desserts are especially popular here. The popular authentic restaurants include Taverna degli Apostoli, La Capannina, L'Abside.

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