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The Museo Correr is perhaps one of the most significant and interesting attractions in Italy.

The gallery was founded in 1830 and is considered to be one of the best Venetian bohemian and historical collections.

Teodoro Correr was the founder and the father of the museum. He was a passionate collector of various pieces of art. Teodoro bequeathed his richest collection to the city. The museum is located in St. Mark’s Square and is a complicated historical complex. Its multidirectional exhibition halls perfectly convey the cultural and historical spirit of Venice.

Arches of the Correr Museum with the tower of San Marco in the main square
Museum Correr © RossHelen / Shutterstock

Rich displays of the Museo Correr

The gala halls of the Museo Correr impress visitors at first sight with their strict Empire style and the luxury of the architectural splendor. Sculptures by Antonio Canova are displayed here. His most famous creation, a funerary monument for Titian is the main decoration of the gallery.

The collection of the museum is split into three parts: the History Museum, Picture Gallery, and the Museum of Risorgimento. The whole display occupies 33 exhibition halls. One of the collections is represented by historic documents and vedute. They play a huge role in the initial organization of this remarkable Venetian attraction and tell about the development of the city. In the same hall, you can see the layout of coins, festive clothes, and weapons.

Interior of the Correr Museum
Museum Correr ©

The historical part of the museum

The Museo Correr stores antiques that had witnessed the most significant and sometimes even crucial historical events. Many of them belonged to the great Venetians. For example, you can find here the miniature pens that were used to count the votes during the elections. It also displays the weapon of Admiral Francesco Morosini. The historical value of the gun is in its original appearance in the form of a prayer book. Admiral was under the apprehension of his life and was afraid of murderous assaults. Therefore, the gun was always with him, even when he attended a church. 

Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery is a real crown of the collections. It gathers unique artworks by famous painters like Vivarini, Bellini, Lorenzo Veneziano, Andrea Lo Schiavone, and Pietro Longhi. All paintings are displayed in accordance with the epochs they relate to. Such works as “Crucifixion” and “Transfiguration of Christ” by Bellini are considered to be the masterpieces of the XV century and definitely worth your attention. Works of Antonello da Messina and the famous “Two Venetian Ladies” by Vittore Carpaccio stand out greatly among other paintings of the artists dating back to the second half of the XV century.

After you have researched Venetian museums, you can head to the venue of the Carnival of Venice, the Venice Giardini. There are 30 pavilions on the territory of this park. They are used for the exhibitions of the national art of various countries. 

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