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The city with the most renowned love story in the world
Verona is a city pierced with rays of the bright Italian Sun and love

Verona’s districts

In the last 50 years, there is an urbanization process going on in Italy. As a result, the villages in the vicinity of Verona became its parts. The city consists of 8 administrative regions that are divided into 23 districts. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most interesting of them. The Citta Antica is the historical center of Verona with the highest concentration of ancient constructions and architectural monuments. The atmospheric and vibrant district of Veronetta is located on the bank of the Adige river, in front of Castelvecchio castle. The majority of educational establishments are located here. That’s why it is often called the students’ district. The ancient districts around the Basilica di San Zeno and the youngest areas in the city also arouse lots of interest. The industrial zone of Borgo Roma and the business district of Borgo Trieste are located only one kilometer from the center of Verona. Cittadella, San Zeno, Veronetta, and Borgo Trento are considered to be the most favorable areas for living. And don’t worry about safety. However, don’t walk alone at night in the south-eastern part of the city.

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The Italians compile the majority of Verona’s population. However, one can easily call this city multinational. Representatives of various cultures and nations live here: the Chinese, Arabs, Indians, emigrants from the countries of Eastern Europe. Throughout the centuries, wars, epidemics, natural cataclysms influenced the population size. Nowadays, it has increased considerably due to a high flow of emigrants.

The Veroneses are extremely kind-hearted and open people. They will definitely help and support you. You can easily find a common language and see eye to eye with a local despite the language barrier. The characteristic feature of native citizens is that they are the biggest romantics in Italy. There’s no other way once you are in the city of love!

A brief history of Verona

Verona can boast of vivid centuries-old history. Before our era, these rich picturesque lands attracted the nomadic tribes of the Gauls, Veneti, and Euganei. The latter settled down in this area. It’s believed that they founded the city.

Ancient Romans built here a fortified settlement (castra) in the I century AD. Eventually, a small town grew around it. It started developing rapidly during the reign of Julius Caesar and obtained the status of a municipium. Scientists still argue about the name of the city. The most popular version is based on its geographical location. Verona is situated on the hill of the foothills of the Alps, at the valley of the Adige river. It resembles a porch which states for “veranda” in Italian.

For centuries, Verona had been used as a fortress and witnessed numerous battles. The Barbarians, Goths, Byzantines, Lombards, Franks – all of them were by its walls. The beneficial geographical location attracted everyone.

The reign of the Della Scala family began in Verona in 1262. During this period, the city is developing and prospering. In the XV century, Verona became a part of the Republic of Venice. Napoleon conquered the city at the end of the XVIII century. However, after the Treaty of Vienna in 1866, it returned to Italy again. Verona’s history knew many tragic events. At the end of the XIX century, the city was exposed to a severe flood. As a result, the biggest part of the city was under the water. During World War II, Verona survived several bombings. Fortunately, the city remained standing, recovered and was thriving again. It became the center of the world’s tourism. Despite its respectable 2,000-year-old age, it is still young in heart and charming.

Trip budget

Before the trip, you should calculate the approximate budget that you will require for the travel:

The best time to visit Verona

The climate in Verona is mild and humid due to its close location to the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda. The average temperature in summer is +23 ºC. Winters are not cold and sometimes foggy. The average temperature in January is +2 ºC. Spring and autumn are so-called raining seasons. May is an excellent time to visit Verona. The stem of a thermometer reaches +23 ºC. The Sun is delicate and everything around is in bloom and green. It’s the most comfortable season to walk in the open air.

Useful notes

What should a tourist in Verona do?

  • Visit an amphitheater. That’s a real symbol of the Veronese majesty made of pink marble. Every Italian deems it his duty to visit it at least once in his life. The unbelievable atmosphere of this place induces people to think of the great, eternal and beautiful things.
  • Ascend the Torre dei Lamberti. Its construction started in the XII century. You shall admire the marvelous view of Verona and take the most marvelous pictures.
  • Taste buckwheat pasta with cheese and sage or the meat mix with the Peara sauce that is cooked only in Verona. Find a small chamber restaurant and enjoy its coziness and a view of the ancient city.
  • Leave a note with a wish at Juliet’s house. It’s considered to be a favorite symbol of Verona. Stand under the famous balcony and capture the moment in this charming place.
  • Explore the oldest square in the city, Piazza delle Erbe. Lodge in the memory the Gothic building of the Domus Mercatorum and the Fountain Madonna Verona. Visit Verona Cathedral and get acquainted with the magnificent pieces of art and artifacts dating back to the XII-XV centuries, diving into the Medieval epoch.
  • Buy something special to remember at Via Mazzini. It’s one of the main shopping streets in Verona. Look for antiques or just enjoy watching delicate ancient artifacts at Corso Sant'Anastasia.
  • Attend the most romantic festival in the world “Verona in Love”. It’s held annually on St. Valentine's Day, on February 12-14. The city is decorated with thousands of hearts, and Santa Maria Antica stages “Romeo and Juliet”.
  • Walk across one of the oldest stone bridges in the world, Ponte Pietra. It was built in 89 BC. Try to feel the power of this place and the energy of stones that are more than 2000 years old.
  • Enjoy the taste of the renowned ice cream (gelato) in a small boutique in Borgo Trento. It belongs to di Pietro family and is more than 50 years old. Listen to a story of grandpa Lorenzo and remember forever the taste of this extraordinary gelato and the coziness of the place.
  • Visit Lazzari Store where you can purchase clothes in the style of the 60s. They hand-made of natural materials and there are only several copies. The atmosphere here is mind-blowing: retro music and a delicate odor of a perfume floating in the hall. It seems, that Coco Chanel herself shall now enter the boutique.

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